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EXCLUSIVE: RHOMelbourne Star Venus Behbahani-Clark Sets The Record Straight And Denies That Her Family Moved To The U.K. — Read Her Official Statement Here!

Venus Behbahani-Clark is clarifying some rumors that we recently released by an insider. As we previously reported, the source claimed that the Real Housewives of Melbourne star's family had moved to the U.K. But Venus is now giving us to real tea as she sets the record straight.

"James and I will be returning late August. Never anticipated moving to UK we travel there frequently as James’ businesses are based in UK and we have family there but everything else is not true," she told iRealHousewives EXCLUSIVELY via a statement, shutting down our previous report. "We travel 4 months a year - every year. So I don’t understand why this would mean that we are moving abroad."

She added: "In fact, during our current holidays we haven’t even been to the UK. Thank you 💋"

Venus is  responding to an insider's claim that we reported last week that allegedly (which turned out is not true)

The original story continues below.

The insider told iRealHousewives exclusively that Venus and her husband Lord James Nicholas Clark "moved to the U.K. as he cannot live in Australia" anymore allegedly due to visa problems.

"They won't let him live in the country," said the insider. "She's not been in Australia for months and he hasn't been [in Australia] since last year," the source tells iRealHousewives, adding that "she moved her daughters during the summer holiday."

According to the source, her family and friends only see her during holiday visits "because she doesn't live here anymore."

The source adds that Venus allegedly won't return to the Foxtel hit reality series, adding that their move to the U.K. "it's not a rumor."

UPDATE: Venus has denied all claims and makes it clear that she and her husband have been on holiday (vacation) and will return to Australia later this month  - which shuts down the insider's claims from our original aritcle. Please read her official statement above.

Attention All Media Outlets: A partial reposting of this iRealHousewives EXCLUSIVE is permitted with a link back to the original article.

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