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Emily Simpson: “Tamra Pushes Women To Have Issues With Their Friends Even After Their Problems Have Been Resolved”

Emily Simpson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Emily Simpson reacts to the ladies conversation about her marriage and husband and questions Tamra Judge's motives. How do you feel about the conversations happening about your marriage and your husband?
Emily Simpson: Which conversation? When Tamra is talking to Gina, when Tamra is talking to Vicki, or perhaps when Tamra discussed my husband and marriage to the entire table of women after I had left Tanner’s? The short answer is that no one likes to know their marriage or husband is being discussed. Especially when they don’t even know him. Unfortunately, some absolutely love initiating such conversations.

First, I’d like to point out that Gina and I had already resolved our issue regarding poker night and my husband, because she made sure to clear the air and “squash” the incident. I love Gina for this. She let me know that Tamra informed her that she must have created quite a scene for Shane to respond the way he did. Was Tamra there? Is it her business to discuss? Either way, after a thoughtful discussion in the car, Gina and I both decided it really wasn’t a big deal and we had moved on. But for some reason Tamra decided to repeatedly bring up the incident. Why?

It’s interesting that at Shannon’s lunch, when Shannon asked me how late my poker party went, Tamra was quick to pipe up with a smile, “Until Gina got kicked out.” This was something Tamra learned from a private conversation she had with Gina, yet now felt the need to point it out so quickly to the ladies present.

Later when we all met at Tanner’s and I decided to head home, it was because 1) my husband came home early from work so I could meet up with the ladies, and 2) I had been at work all day and had not spent any time with my husband or children that day. Never did I say that I HAD to go home or that my husband TOLD ME that I must come home. I simply wanted to put my children to bed and spend a little quality time with them. After I left, I really appreciated seeing that both Gina and Kelly were understanding that I left, because I have three little ones at home. Yet Tamra said she “feels” like my husband told me to come home, that he’s “controlling”…  Assume much??

I wasn’t gone for two seconds before Tamra started in with, “I have a question...” as she smiled and again brought up the incident between Gina and Shane. If she truly had a question about me, or my husband, why not ask while I was present at the table? I’m just curious why Tamra pushes women to have issues with their friends even after their problems have been resolved.

And it didn’t stop there. Since Vicki left dinner early with me the night before and missed out on Tamra’s choice of topic, she made sure to fill Vicki in on the conversation regarding my marriage! How has she handled Vicki talking about her husband, Eddie, in the past? Are there any misconceptions about Shane you want to clear up?
ES: Probably the biggest misconception I’d like to clear up would be the snap judgments made of my husband based on this one incident. We all have our moments. In fact, stay tuned, and you will soon see me have mine…

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo