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Dina Manzo Explains The Demise Of Her Friendship With Dolores Catania!

Dina Manzo is opening up about her fallout with former bestie Dolores Catania. The Real Housewives of New Jersey alum recently spilled all the tea during an appearance on SiriusXM’s Jeff Lewis Live.

It all went down when she was asked if she she believed that Danielle Staub’s accusation that Dolores was bad mouthing Teresa Giudice to Danielle behind Teresa’s back, as it played out last season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“Yeah,” Dina said. “Dolores and I were super close. Like season one, she was actually one of the original cast members that was supposed to come on as my best friend because we were best friends.”

Dina then shared during the radio talk show about why she stopped trusting Dolores.

“I’m going to be super honest cause I really don’t care. Nobody likes me there in New Jersey anyways. We were on vacation once with our kids that my ex was flipping the bill [for],” said Dina, according to Reality Blurb. “[Dolores] was on the phone with someone who didn’t really care for my ex-husband. And she didn’t know that I could hear the conversation, like the cell phone was loud. He was trashing Tommy and his brother, and she was like ‘Yeah, yeah. They ain’t no good.’ And here I am hearing the whole thing. It turned me off so much. [I’m like] fine, if you’re not going to defend them, just say I gotta go, hang up or whatever.”

Dina adds that following that incident, she decided to take a step back from her friendship with Dolores. “That’s what made me take a step back from our relationship but I didn’t say anything because I was like now I know, let me just downgrade the friendship. I’m not going to hate her,” explained Dina. “Then after that, something happened and she started hanging out more with Jacqueline [Laurita]. She wanted to be back on the show… And then all of a sudden, she just didn’t talk to me anymore.”

She added, “So that’s why I do believe she would say something negative [about Teresa].

Transcript courtesy via Reality Blurb

Photo Credit: Bravo