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Dawn Ward Accused Of Not Paying The DJ That Performed At Her Birthday Party!

Dawn Ward admits she was was "mortified" when she was called out for not paying a DJ that was hired to perform at her private birthday. According to The Sun, the DJ was forced to tweet the Real Housewives of Cheshire star publicly after payment failed to materialize for her services performed more than a month ago.

The DJ had spent weeks being told she would soon be paid by one of Dawn's staff after being called last minute, but the ITVBe reality star insists that she knew nothing of the pending payment until it was brought to her attention.

"I was mortified, I was like, 'What the hell is this?' because I didn't know anything about it," Dawn told The Sun. "But I do know about it now and it's being sorted out today."

The mother-of-four revealed that a former employee had been promising payment to the DJ, but was not passing on the messages to her, she added: "Somebody else at Kandi Tree [was dealing with it] and they have left the business and I didn't know."

Ward insists this situation is simply down to a mistake and isn't because she doesn't want to pay her bills.

"I'm sorry about that - it's not because I don't want to pay my bills, it's because I didn't know anything about it," she insisted. "It happens all the time in business. It's quite frustrating. It happens all the time in business in general unfortunately but I don't usually get public tweets."

Dawn added: "She would have been paid had she dealt with somebody else, but we actually didn't know about it."

Photo Credit: ITVBe