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Danielle Staub’s Estranged Husband Marty Caffrey Files For Divorce After Nearly Four Months Of Marriage!

Less than four months into their marriage, Danielle Staub's estranged husband Marty Caffrey has filed for divorce from the Real Housewives of New Jersey star, according to multiple sources via PEOPLE.

“Marty was willing to reconcile with Danielle, but after the last few weeks he knew there was no turning back,” an insider close to Caffrey tells PEOPLE.

In a statement to the publication, Staub's rep said, “Danielle has not received any filing, and we cannot comment on something we have not received.”

Meanwhile, E! News reports that Marty filed for divorce from Staub on August 14 at a New Jersey court. The news of the divorce filing comes after reports surfaced after the two filed a restraining order against each other.

According to the temporary restraining order obtained by Us Weekly,  Staub “found her husband standing in her garage” when she got home on Sunday, August 12, and “he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, agitated and confrontational.”

Staub later heard a “disturbing noise,” per the docs, and “realized that several of her family portraits of her children and other sentimental framed photographs had been taken down causing her to be upset.” An insider told Us that Caffrey also “took a bunch of Danielle’s belongings and hid them in his car.” Police found the items in the businessman’s car after he called the officers to the home as Staub searched the property for the family photos.

Meanwhile, Caffrey filed for his own temporary restraining order, alleging that Staub “picked up [an] iron and raised it as if she was going to throw it.” He also claimed his wife “threatened to stab [him] in the neck at least a dozen times” over the past year, according to the documents.

Staub’s rep, Steve Honig, denied Caffrey’s accusations in a statement to Us Weekly: “The claims being made are beyond preposterous and clearly a knee-jerk reaction to Danielle’s filing. I cannot imagine there is a single person gullible enough to believe any of this nonsense. If even 10 percent of these claims were true, any normal person would have already filed for divorce or, better yet, not married the person in the first place. This is laughable.”

Last week Page Six reported that Staub and Caffrey decided to moving forward with their divorce in a more amicable manner and have mutually dismissed the restraining order requests they had previously filed against each other. Apparently they both agreed to to dismiss their complaints on Monday, August 20, according to Us Weekly.

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