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Danielle Staub Files Temporary Restraining Order Against Husband Marty Caffrey!

Danielle Staub filed for a temporary restraining order against her husband of three months Marty Caffrey after an alleged incident at her home. A source revealed that when the Real Housewives of New Jersey star arrived at her home on Sunday, August 12,  Caffrey had “disabled the garage door so it wouldn’t work when she pulled up.”

According to the restraining order obtained by Us Weekly, Staub “found her husband standing in her garage” after she got one of the other entrances open. “He appeared to be under the influence of alcohol, agitated and confrontational,” the docs read.

After entering the home and going straight to her room, Staub heard a “disturbing noise” and “realized that several of her family portraits of her children and other sentimental framed photographs had been taken down causing her to be upset,” according to the order.

The source also told the publication that Caffrey “took a bunch of Danielle’s belongings and hid them in his car,” which the police found after they were called by the businessman as Staub searched the home for her photos.  Caffrey had “20 minutes to leave the house” after the restraining order was issued, per the source, noting that the order is active until their August 20 court date.

The source revealed that Caffrey “has been tormenting her” and is “going out of his way to harass her and drag her through the mud.”

Meanwhile, Caffrey claims that Staub has been upset with him since his lawyers sent her a letter advising her to hire representation on Thursday, August 9.

“Danielle received a letter of representation from my attorney on Thursday,” Caffrey told Us Weekly. “She has been stone silent, angry and agitated since.”

Staub’s rep Steve Honig confirmed in a statement to Us Weekly that she received the letter and hired representation: “Danielle has received a letter advising her to retain counsel which she has. The two attorneys spoke and both sides agreed to keep this matter private. It’s disappointing to her that only 48 hours later that understanding is apparently no longer being honored.”

Caffrey also claimed that he called the police on Sunday night because she threatened him.

“On Sunday, I had to call the police because of an outburst and threats she made after she came home from dinner looking disheveled, drunk or high,” he alleged. “She reached for an iron and a stapler as if to throw them at me. It turns out that after I went to sleep in another room, she went to the police department in Englewood, New Jersey and got a restraining order because I removed some pictures of her children from a location where all of my children pictures were removed earlier in the evening.”

Photo Credit: Bravo