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D’Andra Simmons Reveals She And LeeAnne Locken Are ‘Taking A Break’ From Their Friendship!

As seen in the Real Housewives of Dallas Season 3 trailer, D'Andra Simmons and LeeAnne Locken's friendship has hit a rough patch. Now, the brunette beauty explains why she and Locken decided to take a break from their friendship.

“We’re just kind of taking a break from our friendship,” D’Andra told Us Weekly, noting that the two women see each other “out” and about. “We’ve had a lot of different things happen with regards to our relationship this year and I think we just needed some breathing room.”

D’Andra further explained that the two women get into an argument during the season 3 cast’s trip to Copenhagen.

“LeeAnne and I have a little altercation. I call it a little altercation. That was in Copenhagen. We had a disagreement,” she told Us Weekly. “And then also [Kameron Westcott] and I. We were having some problems this year as well, which is surprising. Really surprised me. Completely surprised me. So, that’s … I gotta fight with everybody this year. I guess LeeAnne passed that wand over to me.”

D’Andra admits she doesn’t “really know what’s happening” with LeeAnne's upcoming wedding nuptials to Rich Emberlin due to their falling out.

“I mean, once you kind of have a distance from someone, then you really kind of start losing information about their lives. You don’t have, you’re not privy to the information,” D’Andra explained. “I mean, they’ve been together for 10 years, so they I guess know each other very well. If they want to get married, they’ll get married.”

D’Andra added that she believes their nuptials were originally planned for October, but are now supposedly set for April 2019.

“So, only to be eclipsed by my 50th birthday. That’s horrible,” she joked. “Of course, my 50th birthday is so much more exciting and important next year.”

Photo Credit: Bravo via Getty Images