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Vicki Gunvalson Says She Has “So Much Admiration And Love” For Shannon Beador For What’s “She Is Going Through With Her Divorce” And Confirms Her Boyfriend Steve Lodge Has “Officially” Moved In!

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's premiere episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The OG of the OC reveals whether Steve has "officially" moved in yet and where her relationship with the other ladies stands today.

Vicki writes:

"Welcome back to Season 13. I hope you enjoyed tonight’s episode as much as I did filming it and watching it. It was so great for me to see the ladies after being on a break between Season 12 and 13. Due to our busy schedules off season, we didn't get to see each other as much as I wanted.

I’ve kept in touch with Kelly, Shannon and Tamra while we were off from filming, but it’s nothing like filming together. We picked up where we left off from a few years ago when everyone was friends, which was so refreshing, and it was just like old times with Tamra. I have so much admiration and love for Shannon and all that she is going through with her divorce, that it was nice seeing her versus just conversations on the phone. There is nothing worse than going through a divorce, splitting assets, finding your “new place” in life, and trying to be strong for your kids. I’m proud of her and want her to know I’m here for her for whatever she needs.

The ropes course was much harder and higher than it looked. When I was told we were going to do a “ropes course,” I had no idea the level of intensity it was going to be. When I was up on the highest level, it was downright frightening. Given the fact I had already fallen on my a-- just getting the harness on, I had even more fear of falling down and either getting hurt or breaking something. Thank goodness I didn’t, because I literally am the biggest klutz on the planet. 

For those of you that have wondered, Steve has officially moved in my house, which I love. He’s such an amazing boyfriend and partner, and it was really hard on us with him living almost an hour away. It only felt right to have him move in, especially now that Briana moved to North Carolina. I didn’t want to be in that big house all alone. It was either him moving in, or I was putting it up for sale and downsizing to a smaller home. He has four granddaughters and four children, so my hope is that the house and pool will get some use with his family now, too, which will make it worth keeping at least for a while. When Briana and her family comes out to visit, we will have the room to accommodate them. Troy and Owen still have their rooms from when they lived with me for the short time, and I still have two additional guest rooms. That house was definitely built for a large family and making lots of great memories.

When I mentioned to Steve that Shannon should have listened to me about David, it is the truth. I know how he spoke to me and also her, which affirms to me that she is doing the right thing. She will find a man (or a man will find her) that respects her and adores her the way she deserves to be treated. It’s not going to be easy, but I am confident she will come out on top.

Watching the footage of Eddie and Tamra driving to the hospital early in the morning for his heart surgery made me so sad. He’s only 45 years old, and in such good physical health, and it breaks my heart to see Tamra and her mom talk in her kitchen about mortality and how scared she is for her husband. My prayers are always with them, and I hope the surgery fixes his afib. I know they are both scared, as one of the things I always say is “if we don’t have our health, we don’t have anything.” Wishing you the very best, Tamra and Eddie. 

Steve and I have talked about marriage, and when the timing is right, I think we will. I have always said to Steve from the very beginning of our relationship, that marriage is something I want for the duration of my life. I think honesty is the best thing to do in a relationship, and if I didn’t tell him how I was feeling, then I’m not in the right one. Unfortunately, we both have been divorced a few times, and the last thing I ever want to do is rush into marriage, but if it’s not something we are working towards, then it’s not the right relationship for me. Steve will be 60 this year, and I am already 56 (ouch how did that happen so fast), and I want to show our children and grandchildren a committed happy relationship. So, stay tuned and see how things progress through this season. I love him and am committed to him, and I will do my part to be the best partner I can be.

It’s going to be a great season, so don’t forget to tune in every Monday night or set your DVRs. I’ll be on WWHL with Andy on July 30th, so stay tuned for that too. Hope you all are enjoying your summer and don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @vickigunvalson and also checkout my website for more information on insurance business information.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo