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Vicki Gunvalson Says Her “Apology To Eddie Was Sincere And Heartfelt” And Claims She Was “Really Shocked That Kelly Was So Upset About Michael Dating” And Hopes They “Can Move On From This Unusually Odd Issue”

Vicki Gunvalson is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. The OG of the OC talks about her dramatic argument she had with Kelly Dodd over setting up her ex-husband Michael and apologizing to Tamra Judge's husband Eddie.

Vicki writes:

"Welcome back to our second episode of Season 13!

Tonight you will meet our newest member, Gina. This is the first time we have had someone from the East Coast, which I think is great. She sure has her hands full with those three little ones during the week while Matt works in LA.

I was really shocked that Kelly was so upset about Michael dating and that she would have been upset that we went out with them a few times. Kelly made it very clear she wanted to divorce her husband Michael. She was dating immediately following the divorce and was actually very excited, describing herself as free and so happy that she was single. She is so quick to use her ”happy to be divorced” clichés. Kelly even said (as you witnessed), how she wished Michael would start dating. Keep in mind Steve and Michael are still close friends and see each other often. It would be logical Steve and I would see who he was dating and even spend time with them, so I am awe struck at the outrage Kelly has demonstrated towards me. Is it really outrage, or is she concealing some underlying unresolved feelings she still has for Michael? I don’t know, and I’m not going to make that judgment. The person Michael dated for a short time is a friend of mine. Both her and Michael asked me to keep their relationship confidential. They told me that they wanted to share that information with Kelly when they thought the time was right. I think this is honestly the first time I have been yelled at for staying out of people’s business. It did sadden me to see Kelly involving her 11-year-old daughter in this adult issue, especially one that involved Michael. I think that was a mistake on her part. I hope we can move on from this unusually odd issue, because I consider Kelly a good friend of mine.

I really enjoy the role Steve has taken at home. Steve is a retired homicide detective and now works as a public policy consultant. He works from home part of the time, which allows him the flexibility to cook, clean, do laundry, and work in the yard. Luckily for me, he really enjoys it. Who would of thought? I am happy to have that extra time to devote to Coto Financial & Coto Insurance and my clients. It helps me keep focused on growing the company without the distractions of completing all the tasks at home myself.

I understand Eddie’s anger towards me. To have caused any stress in his and Tamra’s relationship is regrettable, and for that I am truly sorry. My apology to Eddie was sincere and heartfelt. Spreading rumors is never a good practice, and speaking without facts just makes matters worse. I believe the thing that made me so nervous that day meeting with Eddie and Tamra was the fact that not only did I want to repair my relationship with Eddie, but this would also play a major role in healing my relationship with Tamara. I am encouraged by the progress we made, and although it will take baby steps to fully recover, I think we are moving in the right direction.

I don’t know Emily very much yet, but it was nice seeing her and Shane out to dinner to celebrate their anniversary. Emily mentioned in the first episode that Shane is an attorney, and then tonight she said he is a claims adjuster. Did anyone else catch that?

Lastly, it was so great seeing Shannon pack for Punta Minta and inviting Tamra and me to Mexico. Stay tuned for next week to see how much fun we had."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo