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Sonja Morgan: “Carole’s Comment About My Act And Undies, Aka Caburlesque Which I Coined, Should Be Kept To Herself”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja Morgan slams Carole Radizwill and Dorinda Medley and shares her thoughts on her speed dating experience.

Sonja writes:

"Dorinda, my dear, what’s an apology after all that’s said? Talk about my vagina. Sell your slogans on mugs. I actually laugh, because I was with Frenchie for a year. Talk about my fashion line, which is actually crossing the line because that’s my livelihood. But when I say my daughter and I chose a motif for a shoe for my new collection, and it’s a deer from our crest, step away.

I may be your friend to vent on because you are unhappy, but when it comes to the family, no! You don’t know us. Stop acting like you do. I didn’t divorce the family. My husband and I decided to divorce with advisors. And it was a mutual decision based on a lot that was out of our control. Don’t repeat rumors. We both want to instill pride and esteem in my daughter regarding her heritage. I’m proud to be a part of the family. I don’t burn bridges. 

So happy Lu found her calling. She is really so funny and a master of ceremony. She is even funnier not drinking. And why not strut her talent? I told everyone day one on WWHL her talent was Broadway hits. She would do it impromptu at parties. Ahhhmaizng. Show the world and inspire, Lu! 

The name #CountessandFriends is perfect. We know and adore her as the Countess. She is known worldwide and branded as the Countess. 

I’m so happy Luann asked me to join her on stage for her cabaret. We have been having a ball together bonding over yoga and eating healthy and not drinking. This gives us another thing in common to enjoy together—the entertainment biz! 

I really enjoyed my time on Off-Broadway, so this keeps my mojo going. With my new shoe collection and more affordable Sonja by Sonja Morgan, I haven’t had the time to do another full-time commitment on Off-Broadway, so I am so grateful to Lu for asking me to drop in here and there for a show. 

My other major commitment is my house reno/rentavation and apartment search while my daughter takes her SATs. It's nerve rattling. 

Usually when I go to Bethenny's all I think about is the food. Now I’m like, "What’s the newest jean on OUR roster?"

So now we are talking about dating. B is like, “Can we have a strategy?” Strategy? What is that? I can wing it? Ok maybe I can streamline it a bit. I’m an aaaaass!!!!!! Showed it all online! I’m a jack of all trades. Ok a hustler! Well it works for me. Does it?

To be fair, I did produce a movie this year—The Man in The Attic. It’s on my IMDB. So I’m still a producer. LOL.

I will always love Bethenny for the way she gets the big picture and keeps me aligned and tells me straight up the way it is. Plus, I’m picking up some really great gangster lingo. She’s keeping me current and younger. 

The B Strong B has been great for my self esteem. My daughter sees it and nothing makes me happier than a happy daughter. Everything I do is for my daughter. I’m happy when she’s happy. That’s why I take care of myself, so I can take care of her. She’s my pride and joy. Bethenny and Lu are on a mind/body/awareness trek, and so am I. So I’m enjoying that too. 

Carole’s comment about my act and undies, aka Caburlesque which I coined, should be kept to herself. I do me, and she does her. I get booked and paid to do Caburlesque. People enjoy it. It’s a spoof. I enjoy writing the song skits, and they are one of a kind to me. I’m proud of them and we alwaaaaays have a greeeeeat tiiiiime! I love blowing off some steam. Self-deprecation through humor makes other people feel good and not alone. It’s called relating. 

Nobody is calling Carole the #Strawthatstirsthedrink. FYI, I earned that moniker in 1991 from John Mariano, a famous travel writer. He was not referring to alcohol at all. I like to connect people and make sure they have a great time. 

I can’t believe I said "B is top shelf, so forget it" to the speed date guy. But it’s true. This guy didn’t have a chance. Why waste his time? I was just being friendly myself. So I guess I was wasting his time too. I tend to do that with most guys. The guys I really like would have no idea.

When Ramona brings red scarf a drink...they broke the mold with her! Who does that? He was chatting me and B up. She doesn’t know the guy came explicitly to see Bethenny. Carole, too? Come on. Is it the red scarf guy, or is it us? 

Ramona loves a challenge! She will probably nail him. 

Cartagena! No guys! Let’s go, Tinz! Girls trip!!!"

What do you think about Sonja’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo