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Shannon Beador Talks About Dating After Divorce And Confirms She And Her Ex-Husband David Don’t Talk!

Shannon Beador is opening up about her relationship with her ex-husband David Beador. During a recent appearance on E!'s Daily Pop, the Real Housewives of Orange County star reveals that they have not spoken much since their split and that she has not met his new girlfriend, adding that she herself has started to date too as we previously reported.

When asked if she and David are speaking a lot these days, Shannon said no. As we previously reported, David went public with his new girlfriend Lesley Cook several months ago.

Does Shannon have contact with Cook? "I haven't met her. And, you know, it doesn't matter, I'm fine with it, I'm fine with it," she said. "He can make his own decisions and we're gonna go our separate ways."

"I'm be honest with you, I stayed home for the first six months [post-breakup]," she continued. "I wanted to kind of reflect and go through the pain and it wasn't fun. It was lonely. But I wanted to emerge saying, 'I can stand on my own two feet, whether I find a partner in the future or not. And so, I do feel really comfortable with that. That being said, I haven't dated much. I've been on a couple of dates. It's nice."

As for her and David's daughters, she said, "know that it's inevitable."

"My oldest, she doesn't really want to know about it but the twins are OK with it," she said.

The aftermath of Shannon and David's split will be shown on the upcoming season 13 of the Bravo hit reality series. In the premiere episode, Shannon struggles, physically and emotionally, to remove her wedding ring and she explains why it was difficult for her to do remove it.

"I had it on for almost 20 years," she said on E!'s Daily Pop. "It was almost like a symbol of, 'I'm a mom, I have a family' and to take that off- it wasn't about that I wasn't letting go of my marriage, because I had done that. But it was just kind of a symbol for who I was."

Despite the heartache, Shannon feels that her and David's breakup was the "best decision" for both of them.

"I mean, I am a much happier person now," she said. "I mean, honestly. I'm smiling every day, I wake up in a good mood. What you see this season, it didn't start out that way. I had a lot of low moments in the last year. You see the ups and the downs but today I am in a really good place."

Photo Credit: Bravo