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Shannon Beador Is ‘So Ready’ To End Divorce Drama And Her Daughters Allegedly ‘Want Nothing To Do’ With David’s New Girlfriend!

It's been reported that Shannon Beador and her ex-husband David’s messy divorce is almost over, and that allegedly The Real Housewives of Orange County star is “so ready” and “cannot wait to be rid of him.”

“She filed for divorce on December 1 of last year and he has caused it to drag out,” a source revealed to Radar Online.

As previously reported, when the two exes met in a California courtroom back in March, David expressed strong opposition to Shannon’s demands.

Instead of handling proceedings through lawyers, David, who represented himself at the time, had a complete and total meltdown outside of the courtroom after Shannon was awarded joint legal and physical custody of their three daughters as well as $22,500 per month for temporary non-taxable child and spousal support.

Claiming that Shannon’s spousal support amount would “bankrupt” his multi-million-dollar company. David also complained Shannon’s lucrative QVC deal made her a higher earner than him.

The media outlet reports that the judge ordered an accountant to analyze each of their incomes, and the findings will be presented Monday.

“Shannon doesn’t care what David does or who he is with,” the insider told Radar Online. “To her, he is the father of her beautiful daughters and that is it.”

“She doesn’t interact with him now and never will other than to discuss their girls,” added the source.

Meanwhile, David's daughters do not approve of his new girlfriend Lesley Cook and according to a new report, the three teens Sophie, 17, and twins Stella and Adeline, 14, have refused to accept her into their lives.

“The girls just don’t like her,” a source told Radar Online. “They want nothing to do with her.”

Apparently, David has begged his daughters to accept Cook, to no avail.

Photo Credit: Google Images