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Ronnie Negus Talks Life After RHOV; Says “I Don’t Think I Was Portrayed All That Well” And Offers An Update On Her Kids And Love Life!

Ronnie Negus is looking back at her days on The Real Housewives of Vancouver and offers an update on her life since the Canadian reality show ended back in 2013. Ronnie feels like she wasn't portrayed well on the show and admits that she regrets returning to the show for a second season.

“I don’t think I was portrayed all that well,” she told North Shore News. “In these shows you have to have a formula,” she explains. “You have to have a victim. You have a bully and you have the one who drinks too much – me.”

These days, Ronnie is living a healthier and sober life. On the road to sobriety she hiked the Grouse Grind 24 times in one summer.

There was no rock-bottom moment, Negus says, but rather “an accumulation of this doesn’t feel good.”

“My hangovers were debilitating. And I just got tired of the roller coaster.”

Once while in an inebriated state, Negus recalls she fell into a wall and smashed her forehead. She had to film Housewives with a black eye.

“But they covered it up really well,” she says.

Negus suffered post-traumatic stress disorder when filming started for the second season of the Slice hit reality series.

“And I thought it would be good for me, and in hindsight it was really the worst thing,” she says. “I should have taken that time to heal.”

Four years ago, Negus’s daughter Remy had choked on a piece of steak and was declared clinically dead.

“She was 22 minutes down,” recalls Negus. “It was horrific. She turned solid blue. I went into absolute shock.”

To make matters worse, the family’s housekeeper had a massive heart attack while giving Remy CPR. While both of them survived, Remy’s cognition wasn’t the same after that day, reports the publication.

“Nobody thought that she was going to come off of life support, but she did,” says Negus, who is inspired by her daughter’s resiliency.

These days Remy lives in a home with caregivers on Salt Spring Island, where her mom visits “all of the time.”

Negus also offered an update on her two sons and daughter Charlie. Jhordan, the oldest, just eloped in Las Vegas, while his brother, Houston, is an actor living in L.A.

As for the youngest Charlie, she is growing in a young teenager who is loving pop culture and social media, as most teens do.

“It drives me absolutely crazy that they are on the social media all the time,” says Negus. “(Charley) is obsessed with the Kardashians – obsessed.”

Since RHOV ended, Ronnie reveals that she's only the closest to Robin Reichman. “We are really close. I really care about Robin a lot,” says Negus.

As previously reported, Ronnie and her husband Russell split a few years since the show ended. Now, Negus gives an update on their relationship. “It’s complicated,” says Negus, with a smile.

She confirms that she and Russell still hang out together and “God only knows” what the future holds for them.

“For me, never say never,” she tells North Shore News.

Negus reveals she's working on involves partnering with a prominent U.S. hotel proprietor on a line of vitamins. “I’m such a health freak,” she says.

Despite all the hardships she has faced, one thing is for certain - she's the happiest she's ever been.

“I want to have a front-row seat to my life,” she says. “I wake up every day and I’ve never been happier.”

Photo Credit: Slice