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RHOCheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Opens Up About Her Battle With Incontinence!

Tanya Bardsley recently opened up about her battle with incontinence during an appearance on Loose Women. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star told the panel that she decided to have a 3D-Vjuve treatment - a vagina rejuvenation procedure after an unfortunate accident at a children's trampolining party.

Tanya admitted her incontinence had run in the family, but gradually got worse after she welcomed each child, adding that her decision to speak out came from the ongoing taboo around the subject, according to The Daily Mail.

"My nan and my mum they used to not even say ''do you want to go to the toilet.'' Then I had children and I was getting looser and looser," she shared on the daytime talk show. "After my fourth baby I went to a trampoline party and after two jumps and I was soaked. And I said to my kids ''we need to go'' and they were like ''no!''

"I was like why does no one speak about it? Sneezing or coughing you go into the brace position."

"I've had this surgical laser, I tried this first and it's really done everything for me. I tried pelvic floors and any exercise I'm like," she said before making a grimace expression.

Tanya added that during her nine-year battle with the problem she suffered low points, especially when it began to affect outings with husband of three years Phil.

"It did really get me down and you're with your husband you spend money on a nice outfit for a day at the races and you're like no not again," she said. "I thought I was going to all fall out if I've had another one. But even my husband's had enough and he said I'm having a snip!"

Tanya also shared a hilarious tale around her husband's case of mistaken identity, when he thought her placenta was actually another child, and left the panel in hysterics with an imitation of her horrified expression, reports the publication of Bardsley's Loose Women segment.

Photo Credit: ITVBe