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Mary Zilba Shares Behind-The-Scenes RHOV Drama And Claims Co-Star Jody Claman Threw An Apple At Her, But Missed; Says She Was “Bullied” And “Victimized” On The Show!

During the premiere episode of her podcast, Eat, Drink and Be Mary – Mary Zilba refelcts about her time on The Real Housewives of Vancouver during a Q&A session and shared some behind-the-scenes secrets about the drama of the hit reality series.

The former Miss Ohio makes it clear that  the drama on RHOV was all real. “Yes it was real,” she said. “And no, it wasn’t scripted.”

When asked why Jody Claman was never called out for her behavior during the first season reunion special, Mary reveals that she was called out many times. However, since filming took about more than 4 or 5 hours, the reunion had to be edited into only 2 parts and sadly most of it never made it on the final cut.

“A lot wasn’t aired,” she shared, adding that she along with her fellow co-stars Reiko McKenizie and Christina Kiesel called out Claman out many times during the reunion.

“In retrospect, unless Jody is willing to listen and to take accountability for things that she did and things that she said - for anyone to call her out on it, it really doesn’t make a difference unless she’s going to own it. And to this day, I’m not sure she has owned any of it.”

When asked how did she elegantly handled being bullied on RHOV, Mary says; “Yes I was bullied on RHOV. I still don’t know why I was bullied.”

She continued: “I knew right away I never wanted to do anything or be someone I’m not for the sake of a television show. I definitely never wanted to embarrass my children or my friends or do anything that would make me feel like I ruined everything that I worked for my whole life.”

“When you put a lot of effort in your career, and into raising your children and being the person that you are – something like this could come along and change everything,” she explained.

“I’m not a confrontational person, I’m not a person who’s going to flip a table or throw a glass of wine. Was it hard? Yes!”

“It was really hard to keep my composure at times, to sit there and let someone talk to you like your a piece of trash or throw a apple at you.”

Mary then shared a shocking moment when Claman allegedly threw an apple at her - but thankfully missed.

Then, Mary reveals that at one point Jody Claman threw an apple at her but missed.

“Yes, Jody threw an apple at my head and she missed. They didn’t show that on TV. I think it’s really important that you stay true to who you are and that’s what I did on the show.”

She added: “I stayed true to who I was and I was very proud of that and I know a couple of the women will be saying that I was acting like a victim. I wasn’t acting like a victim. I was just being victimized,” shared Mary.

The first episode is now available to listen via iTunesSpotify, Stitcher, or via the Podcast's Official Website

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