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Luann de Lesseps Gushes About Her ‘Wonderful’ Weekend In The Hamptons With Ex-Husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps!

As previously reported, Luann de Lesseps celebrated six months of sobriety over the weekend along with her children and ex-husband Count Alexandre de Lesseps. Now, the Real Housewives of New York City star opens up about her "wonderful" weekend.

The two recently reunited and attended family friend Ronald Gutmann's daughter's glorious wedding at the Longhouse Reserve in East Hampton, New York.

Afterwards at the reception, sources said the two were "cuddling, kissing, [and] hugging" and looking very much like they were "back together."

However, the former Countess set the record straight about recent rumors of them getting back together.

"We're not together, but he adores me," she told The Daily Mail. Luann then dished about how her ex was staying with her and their children Noel and Victoria in the Hamptons, explaining: "I'm a very nice ex-wife, that's why."

As previously mentioned, Luann recently celebrated six-months sober and gushed how 'proud' Count Alexandre and her kids are.

"The Count is so proud of me, my family is so proud of me, my children," she told The Daily Mail, also reminding everyone: "I've got work to do."

Photo Credit: Instagram