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Lisa And David Oldfield Bicker On Live Television Over Disciplining Their Five-Year-Old Son Bert — Watch It Here!

Lisa Oldfield clashed with her husband David during an intense guest appearance on Friday's The Morning Show. Their clash kicked off when The Real Housewives of Sydney couple 's five-year-old son became the topic of discussion.

Their son Bert had kicked and cursed at a referee during rugby training at school and his parents were divided over how to deal with the situation.

Lisa insisted that the boy needed a 'bloody good smack', but former politician David argued that physical discipline 'doesn't work' on their son.

"Bert was so bad at rugby the other day, he kicked the referee and told him where to go at the game!" Lisa told shocked hosts Ryan Phelan and Kylie Gillies.

"So I took him over to David and I said, "You go talk to him, you give him a smack!""

The former One Nation co-founder responded by saying hitting their son would have no effect.

"Well nothing works with him," an impatient Lisa fired back.

While explaining that he and Lisa have very different parenting methods, David argued that his softer approach yields better results.

"I have a better time dealing with him than Lisa does," he said. "Lisa is the go-to smacker."

"I used to be a bit like that, but experience has shown me it doesn't work!' he added.

David then went on to say there are "no bad five year olds, there are just bad parents," which prompted Lisa to roll her eyes.

The controversial reality couple, who have been married for 17 years, also have a older son, seven year-old Henry.

Transcript  courtesy via The Daily Mail Australia

Photo/Video Credit: Seven via The Daily Mail