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Lauri Peterson’s Son Josh Waring Admits He Wants To Become With A Lawyer As He Awaits Second Trial For Attempted Murder!

Josh Waring, son of Real Housewives of Orange County star Lauri Peterson admitted that he wants to become a lawyer as he awaits second trial for attempted murder. “I would love to [go to law school],” he recently told Page Six.

“That’s my dream. I’m serious. When I’m acquitted — assuming that I’m acquitted and I think the jury will make the right call — my only convictions are for drugs. So if I beat this, I still have that opportunity and that option to actually go and get my bar card and go to law school. That would be a dream. I really enjoy it. It’s something I’m passionate about.”

He revealed that he spends most of his day behind bars doing his own legal research, as he acted pro se early on in his case. He has now retained legal counsel as he awaits trial.

Waring, has been behind bars for two years on charges that he shot a man outside a home. He claims that Bryan Goldstein, nicknamed Ace, is the real shooter.

“It’s nerve-wracking. I’m facing four life sentences. I’m facing 96 years on top of the life sentences, so I’ll never get out. So it’s obvious — they’re trying to take my life away for something I did not do.”

His mom, Lauri Peterson told Page Six that “his only problem” is his “addiction to drugs” and she also believes he will be acquitted of the charges.

“I would love to see him beat [his addiction] and have a normal, productive family life with us and to have all those healthy relationships, but he seems to think that he could possibly work in Orange County … he’s so wrong! The Costa Mesa Police Department — they don’t like him and I think they’ll make his life miserable if he stays in Orange County. I honestly see him having to move out of state or even out of the county. Probably out of the county. We’ve considered that.”

The former Bravo reality star also believes that he was always destined to be a lawyer.

“When I was having problems in my second marriage I was desperate enough that I reached out a psychic. And Josh was just young. He was 7 years old at the time and she didn’t really want to talk about anybody except for Josh. She kept saying, ‘He is confined. He needs to be free. He needs to be free. He needs to be running out free. That’s all that I can see. I know that he’s really bright and he has a really legal mind. Legal needs to be his career. Anything in the legal field.’ That comes to haunt me now. Boy was she ever right!”

As previously reported, Waring is facing three counts of attempted murder and other felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with a shooting that injured a man at a former sober-living home on Babb Street in Costa Mesa in June 2016. Waring, who has pleaded not guilty to all charges, could face multiple life prison sentences if convicted.

Waring is due back in court on July 26 when a judge will decide whether his case will be dismissed or go to trial in September.

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