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Julia Sloane’s Documentary ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ Could Become A TV Series!

Real Housewives of Auckland star Julia Sloane's documentary Let's Talk About Sex could become a TV series, according to the Stuff.

Let's Talk About Sex co-producers Lisa Burd and John Davies have confirmed that they are in discussions to expand the popular documentary, which debuted at this year's Documentary Edge Film Festival.

The kiwi documentary was the most-watched New Zealand feature at this year's Documentary Edge Film Festival.

The 75-minute feature follows Sloane on a journey of sexual discovery around the country, visiting an adult store, trying out a VR experience, chatting to a sex therapist and a somatic sex coach, and having a go at pole dancing and "enduring" a lap dance.

After the doco became the best-attended New Zealand feature at the festival in Auckland and Wellington, Davies said he was both hopeful Let's Talk About Sex would secure a TV broadcast date sometime soon and that, "plans are in progress for turning it into a series".

Burd, who also directed the documentary, hopes the project might a generate a national discussion about what is often perceived as an embarrassing and sometimes a taboo subject.

"We really believe that a film like ours can ignite more discussion around our sexual habits as well as our sexuality and lead us to a better place of both respect and understanding of difference."

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ