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Jody Claman Ordered To Pay Special Costs A Second Time After A Dispute With Her Ex-Husband Over Child-Custody Payments!

Former Real Housewives of Vancouver star Jody Claman has been ordered to pay special costs a second time after a dispute with her ex-husband Eran Friedlander over child-custody payments, according to the Vancouver Sun.

As previously reported, Claman lost a child-custody battle with her former husband in 2015. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Miriam Gropper ordered that Friedlander, an investment banker, have sole custody of the couple’s now-10-year-old daughter.

The judge found that Claman had deliberately tried to mislead and deceive the court on numerous occasions, and that there was an “improper motive” at play. She also found that the former reality star had engaged in the nondisclosure of some of her assets, mostly her business records and any loans she received, and awarded Friedlander special costs.

Several years later the former couple headed back to court in a dispute over child-custody payments.

In May, the judge ordered Claman to pay nearly $50,000 in retroactive child support after finding that her annual salary was much higher than she claimed in court.

Claman had listed her income as $5,806, while her expenses were $414,206. The judge noted that her yearly amount of expenses on food exceeded her total income and the amounts she spent on restaurant bills alone gobbled up half of her claimed yearly income, reports the publication.

The judge concluded that based on her lifestyle and the expenses claimed on her financial statements, she had an annual income of $200,000.

The parties disputed the costs of the child-support applications, with Friedlander arguing that special costs should be awarded against Claman on the basis that her conduct was “reprehensible, blameworthy and deserving of rebuke.” Friedlander’s arguments were similar to those made in the earlier application, namely that Claman had tried to mislead or deceive the court.

Claman acknowledged that her former husband had succeeded in his applications, but denied that her conduct was reprehensible and argued that offers to settle the matter were not reasonably capable of acceptance, reports the Vancouver Sun.

But the judge agreed with Friedlander, finding that Claman’s position regarding her financial assets was virtually unchanged from her trial evidence and that she had once again tried to mislead or deceive the court, this time in an attempt to reduce the amount of child support.

“It follows that she has failed to disclose all of her assets,” the judge said in a ruling posted on the court’s website Wednesday. “This conduct is reprehensible, as that term has been interpreted in the costs jurisprudence.”

According to the publication, the judge referred the matter to the court registrar to determine the amount of special costs Claman will have to pay.

Photo Credit: Slice