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Jill Zarin Says The Man She’s Dating ‘Very Much Respects’ Her ‘Grieving Process’

Jill Zarin recently confirmed that she's dating Gary Brody, but the former Real Housewives of New York City star admits she's still grieving the loss of her husband of almost 18 years, Bobby Zarin.

“Gary very much respects the grieving process I am going through and has been an incredible friend to talk to. He only wants the best for me and my daughter,” Zarin, told Us Weekly.

As previously reported, Zarin is dating again five months after Bobby lost his longtime battle with cancer. An insider revealed that Bro is “not her boyfriend,” but added that “the situation is evolving.”

The insider also explained that Zarin and Brody have “played tennis as friends for a long time” and “have been casually hanging out for a few months.”

Heather McDonald, who is one of Jill’s close friends, also opened up about Zarin’s relationship with Brody.

“I met Gary when I was visiting her in March, I did a charity event for the Parkland survivors,” she told Us Weekly. “She was playing tennis with him. I got to meet him. They were strictly friends, but I thought he was so funny and really delightful.”

She continued: “He had me dying laughing. It was just a friendly thing. I said ‘I think there might be something there and she said ‘No, no not at all. It has been a platonic friendship for a long time. I didn’t witness anything romantic back in March. If something is brewing now I think that’s appropriate.”

McDonald revealed that while “there was still a lot of sadness” about Bobby’s death in March, the two women would go “have a laugh” at lunch with Brody.

“It’s nice to know she’s having fun,” McDonald added. “And Ally is hanging out with them.”

Earlier this week, Jill set the record straight and confirmed that she's in fact dating Brody but denies that she's been dating him since January, when her late husband Bobby passed away after a long battle with cancer.

“I don’t typically comment on tabloid stories but I felt it was important to set the record straight and let you all know I haven’t been dating anyone for six months,” she told PEOPLE in a statement.

“I just started accepting a few dinner dates after much thought and support from my close friends and family,” she adds. “I felt Bobby would want me to start to live again.”

Zarin reveals she and Brody were “friends first and still are. It’s still evolving.”

The two, she says, “have a lot in common and enjoy each other’s company.”

In the the meantime, she thanks fans for sticking by her. “I am taking things very slow as I continue to heal. Thank you all for your love and support,” she says. “It means the world to me. Love, Jill.”

Jill is currently in London visiting her daughter, who is earning her Master’s in Contemporary Art at Sotheby’s, with plans to graduate in September.

“Ally has been living in London and I wanted to take the opportunity to spend much-needed quality time with her and our friends abroad,” she told PEOPLE.

Photo Credit: Bravo