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Former Real Housewives Of Orange County Stars: Where Are They Now? [Part 1]

Thanks to a new article from Us Weekly, we are getting an update on how former Real Housewives of Orange County stars are doing since they left the show. This list only focuses on former full-time cast members, so there will be no updates on "Friends of the Housewives." Check it out below!

Jeana Keough
An OG. Jeana was a full-time cast member on the first five seasons of RHOC and has made multiple guest appearances since then. The mother of three became a grandma in January 2016 when her daughter Kara gave birth to a baby girl named Decker with her husband, NFL player Kyle Bosworth. The real estate agent also made headlines in December 2017 for documenting her facelift in a short video for People Magazine called Jeana Keough: A Real Housewife Goes Under the Knife.

Keough's son Shane recently got engaged to former Miss Nevada Brittany McGowan. Kara remains happily married to NFL vet Kyle Bosworth. And yes, their baby is on her way to turning three. As for Colton, he just got his real estate license and will be following in his mom's footsteps at Coldwell Banker. As for Jeana, she's been dating a special man named David in between selling houses. "Real estate is awesome," she told E! News. "It's my best year ever."

Jo de la Rosa
Jo starred on RHOC for the first two seasons and made cameos during season 3 and 4, before briefly starring on her own spinoff, Date My Ex: Jo & Slade. Since her departure from reality TV, Jo launched a career in advertising and moved to Los Angeles. She opened up about her career change during a March 2018 interview with Bravo’s The Daily Dish. "It's like being an astronaut; you go to the moon, then you come back and you're, like, working in advertising," she explained. "I know, I know, I just compared being a Housewife to going to the moon." As for her personal life, Jo, who split from her one-time fiancé Slade Smiley on RHOC, announced her engagement to the CEO and founder of Empire Digital Mark Lovette in 2015. It’s unclear if the pair ever made it down the aisle, however, as Jo has since deleted her Instagram photos with him and has not updated her account since December 2016.

In fact, some at Bravo wish she would have continued with the show even after her split from Smiley. "She was so young on the show," Senior Vice President of Current Production, Kathleen French, explained on The Daily Dish podcast. "I wish we had a few more years with her so we [could see] her grow into the person that she probably is now."

Jo revealed she had fond memories of the show during the Season 10 premiere viewing party. "I miss the girls. I miss the chaos. When I get to come and see them, it's always just like picking up where we left off," she told E! News. "It's always a part of me."

Kimberly Bryant
Kimberly is one of the OGs of The OC, but she only starred on the series for one season. The former Bravo reality star has kept a low profile since leaving reality TV, moving her family, including her daughter, Bianca, and son Travis, to the suburbs of Chicago. She did make brief guest appearances on seasons 3 and 4 of RHOC, but skipped the cast’s March 2016 reunion in honor of 10-year anniversary of the inaugural Housewives franchise. In a 2010 interview with the Daily Herald, Kimberly told her local newspaper that she still gets recognized when she’s out with her family, but revealed she has shifted her focus to Chicago-area charity events.

Lauri Peterson
Lauri was a full-time cast member of RHOC for the first four seasons and made appearances on seasons 5 and 8. Since her exit, Lauri has focused on her family, frequently sharing photos of her husband, George, her two adult daughters and her son Josh’s daughter, Kennedy, whom she adopted in 2015 amid Josh’s struggles with substance abuse. Josh was arrested for allegedly shooting a man in California and leaving the scene with a stolen car in 2016. Lauri broke her silence on the drama in a series of tweets in March 2018. “After keeping silent for nearly 2 years in regards to my sons arrest, I am going to begin laying out the facts of his case and how easily it is to be falsely accused!” she tweeted. According to the Los Angeles Times, Lauri took the stand during Josh’s court hearing in April 2018. He faces multiple life prison sentences if convicted, the outlet reported.

After all these years later, several cast members say their bond couldn't be stronger. "Laurie is so happy," Lizzie shared with E! News. Jeana added, "They're just great." Daughter Ashley Zarlin is a model and founder of Cheeky Minx.

Lynne Curtin
Lynne starred on the Bravo series for seasons 4 and 5. After her exit, she filed for divorce from her husband, Frank, in 2012 after 22 years of marriage. While she revealed to Bravo in September 2017 that she “found a new love” after her split, Radar Online reported in January 2018 that her divorce case was thrown out after Frank never appeared in court or responded to her divorce filing.

Lynne’s daughter Alexia, meanwhile, made headlines in February 2018 after she was charged with possession of a controlled substance paraphernalia, according to Page Six. Lynne’s other adult daughter, Raquel, has maintained a lower profile. Lynne continues to work on her jewelry line.

Lynne shared that Alexa has a boyfriend while Raquel is a mom. "She has a three and a half year old named Carter. He's just so much fun. He looks like a mini Heath Ledger," she told E! News. "He's so full of energy. It's been fun. Carter calls me Gia. I don't want to be called a grandma." And for those curious about Lynne's relationship status, she is happily single. "I'm just happy with my life now. Life is good," she shared.

Peggy Tanous
Peggy was a full-time cast member on season 6 of the series and switched to a guest role in season 7 before leaving the show all together. Peggy shifted her focus to helping women who struggle with postpartum depression. “When I first left, I kind of just focused on the family a lot. Part of my departure was the anxiety I have and my bouts with postpartum depression and everything," she told Bravo’s The Daily Dish in August 2016. "So I felt overwhelmed, and so I took some time to just really be with my family and spend some time with the kids and that kind of thing." She also served as an executive producer for the June 2016 documentary When the Bough Breaks, in which she and other moms, including Carnie Wilson and Brooke Shields, detailed their struggles.

In addition to releasing her fitness DVD, Peggy remains focused on pursing hosting, modeling and brand ambassador opportunities. She just celebrated her 13-year wedding anniversary with Micah and their two daughters will be in the upper grades in elementary school this coming school year.

While Peggy says she gets "along with everyone" from the franchise, she hangs out with Lynne, Lori and Lydia McLaughlin the most, she revealed to E! News.

Quinn Fry
Back in season three, Quinn made her debut on the Bravo series. Since leaving the show, the OC housewife moved to Northern California to be close to her daughter and her four grandchildren. "I bought this fabulous piece of land and have been working hard making this a home...but the seclusion is getting to me," Quinn admitted to E! News. "I wouldn't change the time I spent on Bravo for the world. It was fun, stressful, exciting and filled with lots of drama. How many can say they were ever on a reality show let alone one that started the whole Housewives craze?"

Tammy Knickerbocker
Tammy was only a full-time Housewife during seasons 2 and 3, but appeared as a guest during seasons 4, 5, 6 and 10. After taking a step back from the series, she moved to Balboa Island in Newport Beach, California, and told Yahoo TV in April 2014 that she continues to coparent with Duff Evans, the father of her youngest son, Ryley. “Duff Evans and I live down the street from each other. We always surprise people when they realize we're not a couple still,” she told the outlet. "I always kid with them and say the secret to our relationship is we date other people." She also told Yahoo TV that she remains close to her older daughters, Lindsey and Megan.

According to social media, it appears daughter Lindsay is in a relationship while Megan is engaged, a mom and still loves pit bulls. As for Tammy, she is single and still in touch with cast members including Jeana, reports E! News.

Photo Credit: Bravo