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Athena X Levendi And Lisa Oldfield React To Leaked RHOS Behind-The-Scenes Footage Of Victoria Rees Using A Gay Slur Against Production Crew Member — The Person Responsible Of Leaking Clip Admits He Has No Regrets Sharing The Footage; Calls Victoria A “Vile Woman”

As previously reported, last week a leaked behind-the-scenes footage of the first season of The Real Housewives of Sydney circulated the internet where it showed cast member Victoria Rees having a meltdown after fighting with co-star Athena X Levendi during the cast trip in Singapore.

Rees came under fire and she was seen pushing cameras away from her and is seen saying a gay slur of a member of production.

Rees' co-stars and nemesis Athena X Levendi and Lisa Oldfield are speaking up about the topic. Athena took to Instagram to share with fans that the "truth is starting to shine" after "a year later."

"A year later and the truth is starting to Shine! I was Made to look like a Villain..Thank god I was strong ..and only surrounded myself with people who really love me and understand me. Namaste 🙏 #RHOS @kyleandjackieo #athenaxturf," she shared on Instagram.

In the comment section, Athena revealed that she has moved on from the drama but defends her behavior on the show after being provoked on-camera and behind-the-scenes. "Unfortunately on a Reality induced Tv show... my own reactions were provoked and encouraged.. I look back and think I was so Human and Real! It’s only real to react because we are humans with emotions..! X"

Athena then defended her behavior on the show by sharing some behind-the-scenes tea after a troll called her out for her "anger issues."

"You know an edited version of me ..!!! I was reacting to an abusive situation amongst a group of mean women that isolated me and constantly mocked me you have No idea what was going on behind the scenes.. so don’t talk!," she shared in the comment section.

"Of course I was angry in that environment any normal human being would have that reaction.. as for me sharing my childhood abuse with those heartless shallow women... I did it so they could understand me perhaps and be more kind..... it was so disappointing to see how superficial those women really are they couldn’t care less... !," she continued. 

"The producers were crying and walked up to them during that scene and told them how heartless and cold their response was ! I will take your comment with a grain of salt and thank you for your concern but if you’ve been abused as a child it’s very easy to go back to that place!!! I can assure you I am perfectly sane and fine as I’ve worked on myself! But I don’t tolerate abuse or Being mocked! Namaste"

Athena then responded to a fan as she reflected on her time on the show, and called out co-star Vicotia Rees for "never owned her wrongdoings or apologized" for "mocking" her "every opportunity."

"It was a big life lesson for me , i was able to walk away and realise everyone will have an opinion bad or good it’s their opinion I respect their feedback . The most important part of anything we do in life is to own our mistakes and be able to gain some wisdom and knowledge from them and I know I have ....! Victoria Rees was the one who threw my cape in the harbour. She also threw a napkin in my face and a cocktail she mocked me at every opportunity at turned the other ladies against me.. She Never owned her wrongdoings or apologised . I guess we are all on different levels of awakening/enlightenment.... I always questioned my placement Amongst such shallow individuals apart from my incredible friend @lisalocks16 who supported me and tried to understand me. We get the lessons and then we make the choices to pass the test or fail. 😇"

Meanwhile, Michael Vartuli, the person responsible for leaking the footage of Rees came in the to Levendi's defense her Instagram post's comment section. "If you watched the show, it just clearly demonstrates a major attempt at assassinating @athenaxlevendi's integrity - but ultimately, she's come out the winner."

Vartuli, then took to a now deleted Facebook post and revealed the real reason why he decided to leaked the footage of Rees. "I don't regret uploading that footage for Kyle and Jackie O to then publish on their official Instagram," he wrote.

"There is no circumstance where the word "p----a" becomes an acceptable one - no matter how badly you want to insult someone. She was protected through the process of editing; because you can bet your last dollar that if Athena X Levendi or Lisa Oldfield said what Victoria did it would NOT have been edited out of the episode."

He continued: "Athena and Lisa have proven to be worthy friends of mine and I know what they had to go through while filming The Real Housewives of Sydney with this vile woman. So firstly, I am happy I leaked the video in defence of them to show they weren't the 'bad guys'.

He added: "Secondly, as someone why identifies as gay, knowing Victoria called a member of production a p-----a doesn't and won't ever sit well with me." 

As for Lisa Oldfield, she also shared her thoughts on the topic in a now deleted Instagram post. "Last comment I am going to make on the @iamvictoriarees #bullying and #homophobia matter. Victoria has shown no contrition and @foxtel has made no comment."

"I cannot stand by and let a #community that I love be #villified, she continued. "If Foxtel elect to cast Victoria in the second season of @rhosydney I refuse to participate. 

She added: "It would suggest that I condone homophobia, something I have passionately advocated against my entire adult life. #loveislove #lbgtqlivesmatter"

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Photo Credit: Foxtel