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Tamra Judge's Husband Eddie Undergoes Fifth Procedure In Six Months For Heart Condition, Eddie Thanks His Wife Tamra For Standing By Him; Says “I’m One Lucky Man!”

Tamra Judge‘s husband, Eddie, was back in the hospital earlier this week after he underwent for his fifth heart procedure in six months. The Real Housewives of Orange County star shared the news on Instagram Stories of her and Eddie holding hands before he went in for his second ablation — a non-surgical procedure to remove scar tissue inside the heart, reports PEOPLE.

“Praying this will be the end of [Eddie’s] heart condition,” she wrote. “I love you babe.”

Earlier in the day, Tamra posted a photo to Instagram of Eddie’s hat from their shared business CUT Fitness, resting on a model of a heart. “Good thoughts,” she wrote.

Tamra started documenting Eddie’s health progress on Instagram back in December, when he underwent his first cardioversion for Afib, an irregular heartbeat. He’s since had two more cardioversions (electrical shocks to the heart) and one other ablation.

Meanwhile, Eddie took to Instagram to show his love and appreciation for his wife's dedication to his well-being. "BIG thank you to my wife, business partner, life partner and inspiration for always being there for me. When times are great to when times get tough," Eddie wrote in the caption to a photo of Tamra sitting on a hospital room couch as he recovered from his procedure.

"I love you @tamrajudge with all my heart. Especially the crispy parts inside," Eddie added, along with a laughing emoji. "I'm one lucky man!"

On Monday, it was revealed that Eddie’s ongoing health battles will be shown on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County — as seen in the trailer of the Bravo hit reality series.

“I just keep thinking about the mortality rate,” Tamra says in the sneak peek clip, in tears, as Eddie lays in a hospital bed. “I’m scared for my husband.”

Photo Credit: Bravo