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Tamra Judge Clarifies The “Smart Ass” Comment She Made About Lydia McLuahglin’s Husband Doug And Explains Why Her Joke It’s Not The Same As Vicki Gunvalson Spreading Gay Rumors About Her Husband Eddie!

Earlier this week, Tamra Judge recently came under fire after she made a bad joke about former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Lydia McLaughlin's husband Doug.

As previously reported, Judge and Shannon Beador appeared on Heather Mcdonald's podcast, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald. Heather got shady and revealed that her favorite "Housewife" was in fact Doug McLaughlin, in which Tamra yelled out, “Please come out of the closet. Sorry,” said Tamra about Lydia’s husband.

Many fans dragged Judge on social media and called her a hypocrite after she feuded with Vicki Gunvalson in past seasons of the Bravo hit reality series after the OG of the OC repeated rumors about Judge's husband Eddie's sexuality.

Now, Judge is clarifying her comment about Doug and explains why her comment is not the same as Vicki spreading gay rumors about her husband Eddie.

In a now deleted comment on Instagram, Tamra wrote, "Because she didn’t just make a comment. She conspired with people, went to TMZ and did an interview, her bff make a petition . It was slanderous and harassment," said Tamra. "I made one smart ass comment at a picture that was shown. BIG DIFFERENCE. Poor Eddie was harassed for 2 years by the fake stories that were fed to the press ... never an apology."

Then, Judge revealed that she was simply "poking fun" at Doug. "I was just poking fun of a pic that he posted." said Tamra.

Photo Credit: Bravo