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Tami Roman Lands Her Own ‘Basketball Wives’ Spin-Off Show, Filming Begins This Summer!

It's been confirmed that Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has landed her own spin-off. theJasmineBrand reports that "show will be called , Beverly Trill Billies. The title and premise of the show is a play off of the 1962 sitcom, The Beverly Hill Billies. The show centered around a poor backwoods family who move to posh Beverly Hills, California, after striking oil on their land."

The site reveals that the "show will highlight her relationship with boyfriend Reggie Youngblood and his entertaining family that lives down south. The show will also feature Tami’s family."

Filming will commence this summer and it's been confirmed that the show will air on VH1. The show was created by Tami and Ernest Dukes and will be produced by Mona Scott-Young.

Tami took to Instagram to share the exiting news with her fans. "Been trying for awhile, shot some pilots and nothing popped. I simply kept praying for my opportunity. I tell you one thing, God’s timing is everything," she wrote. "I’m finally getting a chance and have an amazing blended family to do it with, I can’t wait for you to meet The Beverly TrillBillies! Thank you @vh1 @monascottyoung @realnickroses @erndukes and my love @reggieyb1 Let’s make magic."

Tami also took to Twitter to share the good news. "Finally! I’ve tried so many times to get this going LOL. I’m super excited to finally be given a shot to do something with my family. Thanks @MonaScottYoung," she wrote.

Photo Credit: VH1