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Sonja Morgan: “Luann Is Handling Her Arrest With Great Humility And Clarity”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja Morgan praises Luann de Lesseps for how she's handling her arrest.

Sonja writes:

"Listening to Lu in the car with Dorinda reminds me of my mom's saying, “If you don’t laugh, you cry.” I think Luann is handling her arrest with great humility and clarity about getting herself back on track and healing herself. It’s very inspiring. I love that she can laugh at herself. It's refreshing. I feel sometimes Lu, myself, and others in our group sometimes take ourselves too seriously. I know the feeling about not drinking. I’m not drinking for months at a time when you see me and especially when at the spa and around Luann during this period, but like Luann I have no problem with others drinking. It doesn’t bother me. I can have a greeeeat tiiiime sober or drinking. I definitely like to party on the big trips, though, especially in hot weather with a good pool party going down! That’s when I feel we really bond on a girls' trip. This trip, however, is about providing Luann a soft cushion to land on as she returns to real life after her harrowing experience in Palm Beach and her breakup with Tom. I just want her to know when it’s important, we are here for her. All pettiness aside. 

Dorinda does look like a beefeater in her hat, but I am a lover of an outstanding hat. And I am a lover of the Mayflower Hotel. My daughter and I have stayed many times together in the powder blue suite. It is like a home away from home and just my style. Very similar to my bedroom if you notice. The fabric-covered side tables, lamps, mahogany canopy bed, drapes, French doors, and fire places. And of course if you know me you know I love a bathtub. Looooove it there! 

Does anyone else think Liberace when they see Dorinda in front of her piano with the newest hairstyle by Luke Henderson? I love a new look, but it’s a whiter color and with the glitz there is a resemblance. Love a show stopper. 

I just can't believe Ramona is pulling another Ramoaner by trying to get on Tom’s boat party. Even I know to not do that! Hos before bros. I picked that up from Bethenny. And then to add insult to injury, she takes a photo of the table during Lu’s first night out.  

Belly laughs all day long with Ms. Bethenny. And a few snorts, too. She’s a real friend. I felt it since our discussion on the yacht in St. John Season 3. She can be sobering—literally. But she is there for me, and she's real—even if it’s up in my grill. I appreciate that any day over a user friend, because I can't grow with someone like that. Users attract users. No thank you. 

Well, Dorinda, you woke up on the wrong side of the bed and definitely are not getting a pair of Sonja Morgan shoes."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo