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Shannon Beador’s Estranged Husband David Reportedly Wants To Marry Girlfriend Lesley Cook After Divorce Finalized!

According to a new report, Shannon Beador‘s soon-to-be ex-husband David is getting “super serious” with his girlfriend of six months, Lesley Cook — so serious, that apparently he plans to pop the question as soon as his messy divorce from his estranged Real Housewives of Orange County wife is finalized!

“David and Lesley are madly in love with each other. He feels like he was meant to meet her when he did and the two of them are soul mates,” a source close to David told Radar Online.

According to the insider, David ALSO wants to have another baby with Lesley after their quickie wedding!

“David is such a good father to his girls, and Lesley’s kids love him already. He has really become a father figure to them and he absolutely loves it. But they definitely want to have a kid of their own after becoming husband and wife,” the source told Radar Online.

As previously reported, David and Shannon are stuck in the middle of a nasty court battle over spousal support.

They are slated to face off in court this summer in hopes to finalize the divorce.

“David just wants to wait until everything is finalized with Shannon because he doesn’t want her to try and come after him for more money or something. He honestly does not care what anyone thinks because he is living his life with Lesley in private”

Photo Credit: Google Images