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Roxy Earle Opens Up About Her New Size-Inclusive Clothing Line!

Roxy Earle has FINALLY released her own clothing line called Roxy Earle by Le Chateau, which she partnered with Canadian retailer Le Chateau. The Real Housewives of Toronto is trying to change the fashion industry by releasing a clothing line that fits all shapes and sizes - ranging from sizes 0-22W. Earle wants to make sure everyone can be stylish no matter the body size.

“For a long time, I’ve had to sacrificed my personal style,” she told with Hello! Canada. “This is about girls, for the first time in a long time, being able to wear something that they’re truly excited about.”

Roxy then revealed the struggles she would face when she used to go shopping for her size.

“I’ve always been curvy but I didn’t start breaking the barrier on what traditional sizing was until I was in my 20s. My whole life I’ve loved fashion, [but] it never loved me back … I’ve spent so many hours in fitting rooms apologizing, “I’m so sorry this doesn’t fit me, could I have another size? I’m so sorry, I’m a little big right now, it doesn’t fit me.” Why am I apologizing? They should be apologizing to me.”

Earle hopes that her clothing line will change a curvy girl's shopping experience. “There is going to be a girl who stands in a fitting room for the first time this summer and tries something on and it fits her, and she doesn’t have to apologize for the fact that her hips are big or that she is rounder than her sister or that she’s more curvaceous then her best friend. She can just be herself. And that moment – telling her that she also belongs in the same store as everyone else – that’s important and that’s going to change the way girls feel about themselves.”

Earle also opened up about what her new clothing line means to her, tips on shopping as a plus-size bride and the vision behind her wedding gown inspired by the Duchess of Sussex.

Roxy shares the significance it is that her clothing line is made in every size and sold in the same section.

“I think it’s going to mark a shift. I do hope that this is a moment where retailers take notice and that we’re going to change the fashion industry,” she told Hello! Canada. “There’s no more “you’re not fitting into our standards of what we think is a beautiful body.” Who wants to be told that they’re not welcome because of their body?”

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As previously reported, Roxy has also added accessories and footwear to her clothing line and explains how important was for her to design comfortable shoes for the average curvy woman.

 “I really focused on making the shoes comfortable. I made things like chunky blocks and [elastic portions] so it doesn’t dig in, in case you have a bigger ankle. I just tried to be really cautious and respectful of the fact that people want comfort and elegance and beauty.”

As previously reported, Roxy designed a wedding dress inspired by Meghan Markle, which she ended naming the dress "Meghan." The reality star turned designer explains she was inspired to create a wedding dress by the Royal Wedding.

“I named it Meghan because I want girls to know that princess can come in many shapes and sizes. I also believe that Meghan stands for a moment in time that represents change, diversity and girl power,” she told Hello! Canada. “My entire collection is named after women that have inspired me in some way.”

The Meghan, made for all the princess in the world 👰🏻👰🏼👰🏽👰🏾👰🏿👰 — 3 years ago when I went to buy my own wedding gown I walked into the designers boutique I’d been dreaming of, feeling excited and full of love. I had called ahead to let them know I was a size 14 (at the time). When I walked in I was expecting the sales girl to hand me a glass of champagne, instead she took one look at me and said sorry but we don’t have anything in your size. A little shocked I explained that I had called ahead, she said sorry but nothing is going to fit “that body”. She continued to elaborated to my dismay. This was a joyous occasion and instead of feeling joy I was deflated, insecure and felt like my body was the problem. I started to apologize for my size and explain I would diet before the wedding before eventually just leaving. My body is not the problem, fashion is. So I’m changing it. — When I designed the three bridal gowns in my collection I channeled that moment. I was adamant that all girls of all sizes be able to feel special, glamorous and like a princess. As a proud advocate for diversity and change I believe Meghan would be proud to have this dress named after her. It will be released early June. Xox
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Roxy named other dresses inspired by other women, including Jessica Mulroney to fellow housewives Joan Kelley Walker and Ann Kaplan Mulholland.

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For more information on Roxy's clothing line please visit her official website:

Photo Credit: Slice