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Nicole O’Neil Addresses Real Housewives Of Sydney Season 2 Rumors!

Nicole O’Neil recently made an appearance on Channel Seven's The Daily Edition, where she addressed rumors about a possible second season of The Real Housewives of Sydney and also revealed why she decided to join the Foxtel hit reality series.

“I think there will be, I read something in the paper today that apparently is coming back and we’re starting to film beginning of next year,” O’ Neil said when asked if RHOS was returning for a second season.

“Believe everything that you read,” she teased. “So fingers crossed”

When asked if she would return for a second season, she said: “I will do it. I loved it. I thought it was an incredible experience – people said to me “Oh my God, how could you be on a show with such pitching and fighting” and what people saw was a very edited version of a long – you know, scene of filming.”

She continued: “So like a dinner would have been – you thought ten minutes of it - we filmed for nine hours. They were long film shoots.”

Then, the former Miss Australia explains the reason why she decided to join the Foxtel hit reality series.

“I did it because I thought it would be an incredible experience. I was a fan of the franchise and I thought it would be a huge opportunity but in very short time we have exposure to a global market very quickly.”

“And a show like this gives you the opportunity or the platform to be able to do something with your brand or brand that you choose to align yourself with.”

When asked if she has received opportunities that have come from her being on the show, she replied: “I have slowly,” she shared.

“There’s been opportunities that have been coming and you know the more countries that the show shows in – because Housewives of Sydney’s shown into quite a few countries around the world – I’ve grown – you know quite an international following so the opportunities are there and you know there’s things in the pipeline.”

Photo Credit: Foxtel