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Meghan King Edmonds Finally Shares Photos Of Her Newborn Twin Boys’ Faces And Says Feeding Her Twins At Same Time Is ‘Next Level’

Meghan King Edmonds is showing off her twin boys, Hayes and Hart's faces. The former Real Housewives of Orange County star finally posted a close-up of the twins’ faces as they rested side-by-side.

“Hart & Hayes fresh to the 🌎,” she captioned the adorable photo, tagging her husband Jim Edmonds.

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Meghan also shared an article from Us Weekly, where her twin made their debut in the publication. "We are so excited to finally reveal our beautiful baby boys’ faces! World, meet Hayes and Hart King Edmonds 👋🏼 I think Hayes looks like Aspen and Jimmy and Hart looks like me!," she shared.

 Meghan also shared a video of feeding her twin boys with the help of her daughter Aspen. "I’m as happy as a toddler feeding a real baby while stealing his paci! Even babies born at 37 weeks aren’t truly considered “full term” and we had a scare with Hart’s test results but he got retested and is fine," she wrote. "My heart and prayers go out to all the families whose babies are experiencing any health hardships, waiting on results, or dealing with watching your baby in the hospital. You all are stronger than you know 🙏🏼💪🏼 and I am sending you all the love I can muster."

Then, the former Bravo reality star opened up about what it is like to breast-feed her newborn twin boys, Hayes and Hart, at the same time.

“I mean, feeding two at the same time is, like, next level,” she told Us Weekly. “I just thought it would be so easy and it’s not. So it’s definitely nice to be surrounded by family.”

Meghan added that her nanny, who the family consider “family,” helps her balance having three kids.

“I tried to prepare myself as best as I could for two,” she told the publication. “I have a nanny, she lives with us, and so I basically just told her that when the twins came, I would have her just focus on Aspen, so that way we could just keep everything the same for Aspen as much as possible, cause she’s used to her nanny, and then I could focus on doing everything with the twins.”

She continues: “And we also hired night nurses, so we have night nurses to be with the twins throughout the night, but like I said I’m breast-feeding, so I’m still waking up every three hours to pump,” Edmonds added. “So I mean, all in all it’s a lot of work, but we’re really lucky that we, like, have the resources to have a nanny, and my mom is in from St. Louis, so she’s been amazing.”

Source/Photo Credit: PEOPLE, Us Weekly