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Lea Black Announces She’s Launching Her Own Podcast!

Lea Black has confirmed that she's getting her own podcast. The Real Housewives of Miami alum made the announcement during the Season 2 finale episode of her own web-series, Lunch with Lea that a podcast is in the works.

Black revealed that a podcast company reached out to her and that they will have all past episodes of Lunch with Lea available for everyone to listen to very soon. Lea's team, who assists her on Lunch with Lea web-series (shout out to James and the rest of the gang!!!) will be working on it during the summer.

Lea says that "every show we've done for the entire two seasons" will be available - "you'll be able to catch up on everything you missed."

Lunch With Lea will return sometime in August. In case you missed any episode make sure to catch up via her YouTube Channel or her official Facebook page.

 Photo Credit: Bravo