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Gizelle Bryant: “Charrisse Definitely Chose Monique Over Robyn”

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant reacts to Charrisse Jackson Jordan choosing Monique Samuels event over Robyn Dixon's and opens up about her breakup with Sherman Douglas. What is it like watching you with your blood on your face now? Did you see a difference?
Gizelle Bryant: The PRP "Vampire Facial" is a little intimidating the first time. However, after you get over the first one it easier the next time, a little blood on our face never hurt nobody. This micro needling facial definitely works for me and has given excellent results to my skin tone and texture. What do you think about Ashley saying it's weird that your birthday is so low-key, and the ladies asking where Sherman was at your party? How were you feeling without him? 
GB: Of course Ashley was asking about Sherman, it's a natural question. Obviously, even though the party was for the girls I still wanted him to be there. He and I did do something privately for my birthday but him being there would have been a great plus. Is Karen right that you stir things up -- even if it is just - as you say - adding hot sauce?
GB: Adding a little hot sauce to any situation is what I do when the situation is BORING. Hot sauce is an essential spice of life. I mean, who wants to have a boring conversation or a boring event? Do you think Charrisse chose Monique over Robyn?
GB: Charrisse definitely chose Monique over Robyn. It was a shock to me because I know how loyal Charrisse has been to Robyn in the past. It was a little hurtful to think that she wouldn't be there especially since Robyn has worked SO hard. We're so sad to hear about your break up with Sherman, tell us about this moment - what do you think of what Juan is saying to you at the end of the episode?
GB: All break ups are tough. I believe that every experience is a learning lesson. I have learned that communication is KEY and without it there is not a relationship that can survive.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo