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D’Andra Simmons Confirms She’s “Doing Better” After “Extremely Painful” Finger Injury!

D’Andra Simmons is recovering after suffering a painful injury over the weekend. The Real Housewives of Dallas star went to the emergency room after cutting her finger with a mandoline slicer while cutting up some eggplant, she shared on social media on Saturday.

The post included a photo of D'Andra in the hospital with blood on her right hand as she awaited getting some stitches on her sliced finger. "Chronicles of two BFF’s...@dandrasimmons at the ER after trying to use the killer mandolin... instead of slicing the eggplant, she sliced her finger... stitches on the way... #er #rhod #saturday #stupidaccident #bloodeverywhere #stiches #bff #chroniclesoftwobff," she wrote.

On Monday, D'Andra gave an update on her injury on Twitter after she returned home from the hospital. "I received eight stitches and part of my nail bed was removed. I cut off the tip of my finger, and it is extremely painful," D'Andra shared in a tweet that also featured a photo of her with part of her hand wrapped up in a pink bandage. "Thanks for the [love]."

Earlier today, Simmons took to Twitter to inform her fans that she's "doing better."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo