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Candiace Dillard: “I Solidly Believe Karen Was “Return Serving” For Gizelle’s Shady Boots #taxreform T-Shirt”

Candiace Dillard is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Candiace Dillard shard her thoughts on Robyn Dixon and Karen Huger's events. Tell us about attending Robyn Dixon’s event – are you glad you attended hers in the end? 
Candiace Dillard: I am very satisfied with my decision to attend Robyn’s event. It reminded me of any pageant event I’ve attended or hosted over the years: the swell of girl power in the room, the feeling of empowerment you get from just knowing you are amongst like-minded, powerful, entrepreneurial, encouraging spirits. I gave out and received so many business cards from so many women who are doing such awesome things that they are passionate about. I saw women offering jobs and internships, I saw women (myself included!) become filled emotionally with the inspirational words of the panelists (and Robyn) and we all had many great kee-keeing moments talking and laughing and enjoying the company of other like-minded girl bosses. Tell us about walking into this wedding venue – what were you imagining in your head? The date must be coming up! Are you nervous? 
CD: Our wedding date is quite literally around the corner! It’s starting to give me a quiver in my stilettos! I honestly enjoy the anticipation of the whole day because when the date finally does arrive, it’s going to go so fast and then it will be over! I want everything to be just right and I want it to be a beautifully memorable time for our guests and for us. Walking into the Gaylord National Harbor I am almost intimidated by the size of this ballroom! I know I’m anxious about everything going according to plan and about the fact that I can’t control every aspect of the day. I have to put my trust in a whole heap of other people instead, and that’s scary. Luckily, I have every confidence in my wedding planning team (Strawberry Milk) as I have seen the amazing productions they pull off and will have to just trust that everything works out. That’s easier said than done when it comes to me and my brain though… How do you think this time around went with your susband vs. your mother? What is it like being the only one staying positive and hopeful with all the “negative”?
CD: I have to say, this appointment was decidedly more successful based solely on the fact that I didn’t leave crying (small victories). HOWEVER, there was some major attitude being wafted in my direction from the masculine side of the room and I wasn’t here for any of it, you hear me?! Okay, my show is over, lol. The truth is, Chris’ pushback is one of the many reasons I love him and why I am marrying him. He doesn’t back down from me and helps me keep things in perspective when I can’t see over the shiny thing right in front of my face. I recognize (and always have) that I DO have to find a compromise with some of what I want. In the interim, my saving grace is that Chris isn’t going to let me go too far off the deep end… which is why I like to play out there… he’ll eventually come and get me, haahahaa… Your reaction to finding out that Kyndall is Sherman’s ex is priceless. What were you thinking when you heard that? 
CD: This. Is. Tew. Much. IT’S TOO MUCH. I had so many questions: Were there no other tall, former athletes available for Gizelle Bryant to sink her teeth into? Does Gizelle know? Will there be a squabble? Do I get a front row seat? Where is the popcorn?  Why is Potomac so small?
Girl, girl, girl… Why do you think Karen Huger invited her? 

CD: I solidly believe Karen was "return serving" for Gizelle’s shady boots #taxreform t-shirt at the press conference with no press. And, you didn’t hear it from me, but I ain’t mad at her for it. Maaaaybe strategically planting Gizelle’s current boyfriend's ex-wife at an event where she knew they would be forced to mingle is a step too far in the revenge pond, but maaaaaaybe it’s not. I have already said I would be totally hurt if I were Karen in that situation and perhaps this was just the very, VERY cold dish of revenge that Gizelle had coming to her. We shall see though. I’ll be over here with my popcorn…

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo