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Tinsley Mortimer Opens Up About Her RHONY Friendships And Weighs In On Carole Radziwill’s Current Relationship With Bethenny Frankel!

Tinsley Mortimer opens up about her friendships with her Real Housewives of New York City co-stars and weighs in on Carole Radziwill's "fallout" with Bethenny Frankel. But first, Mortimer dished on returning to the Bravo hit reality series' tenth season.

"It's so great to be doing Housewives again and being a part of the 10th season is super exciting," Tinsley recently shared with Bravo's The Daily Dish. "And it's different when you've done it before. You go in knowing a lot more [like] what to expect. And, of course, I have real friendships with some of the girls I didn't know as well, of course, joining the show. It's been all around a great experience."

While Tinsley originally came on the show being friends with Sonja Morgan, Tinsley reveals that she's now closer with Carole Radziwill and Dorinda Medley.

"We've developed a real, true, true honest friendship and I actually adore her," she said of Carole, adding that "Dorinda and I, too, have become really close. And she's someone that the moment I met her, I thought she was fantastic, and I knew we would eventually click."

Tinsley also shared this season she'll also be evolving her relationship with herself. "When I came on first season, I had come from a really, really bad place. I had had a really bad relationship in Florida and we all know how that ended: with the glorious mugshot and so I was in a different place," she said. "This season, I'm still working on myself ... I'm starting to work out again and getting back to basically zero. It's a place where I can start to live my life again and so that's really what I am, this season, am doing."

Lastly, Tinsley weighs in on Carole's and Bethenny's complicated relationship. "I adore Carole. Obviously she's been such a great friend to me [and] also her taking me under her wing in a sense and wanting to introduce me to Scott — I'm super appreciative of [that]. But my friendship with Carole is completely separate then anything that's going on with her other friendships," Tinsley told Bravo's The Daily Dish. "And, for me, I've only ever known Carole and Bethenny to be super close and they were so tight. And so it's been hard to see their relationship fall apart a bit. But my relationship is totally separate from that. There's nothing that we have to do with the other."

Despite the current feud between Carole and Bethenny, Tinsley hopes the two ladies can make amends. "But I really hope that they work things out and I hope they become close friends again," she said. "There's room for lots of friends and there's room for everybody and my being friends with Carole should never jeopardize any other friendship. I hope for the best for them."

Photo Credit: Bravo