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Sonja Morgan Reacts To Recent Report That She Was Spotted ‘Wasted And Humping People’ At A Downtown NYC Bar!

Sonja Morgan is setting the record straight about a recent report claiming that she was spotted downtown at hot spot Paul’s Baby Grand last week. “She rolled in straight from the ‘Watch What Happens Live’ studio, wasted and humping people,” said a source. “She was making out with blondes [of both genders] and then left with one.”

However, Sonja denies the allegations and clarifies exactly what went down that night.

“This always happens to me! I was dancing with a bunch of girlfriends and my friends. Humping? What does that mean? Dancing? Grinding? Humping? That’s all in the eye of the beholder. I was drinking, yes. It’s all so exaggerated. I was having fun,” she told Page Six.

“That’s why I like to have my parties on Wednesdays at home because everything gets exaggerated. You can’t even go out anymore.”

Morgan's drinking has been a topic on past seasons of the Bravo hit reality show.

“Bethenny [Frankel] confronted me about my drinking binges, whatever season that was . . . I reflected, went to a therapist, talked to my doctors, tested all my bloods,” she told the publication. “I wanted to see, ‘Do I have a problem?’ And it came out, ‘No, you don’t have a problem. But, you know, you’re going through a lot, you need to talk to somebody.’”

Photo Credit: Bravo