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Real Housewives Of Cheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Talks About Her Spin-Off Show ‘Tanya’s Extreme Therapies’

Tanya Bardsley is opening up about her own spin off show Tanya’s Extreme Therapies, where she tries out a number of very interesting therapies and sharing everything on camera. “I’m not one to brag but I am the first Housewife to get my own show,” the Real Housewives of Cheshire star told Chronicle Live.

“I’m very excited it about and it’s all about extreme therapies,” she continued. “It was meant to be quite a serious documentary about me trying all these different therapies that can help people but people who have seen it tell me it’s very funny and entertaining. Not quite the desired effect!”

She added: “I do get a coffee colonic on screen. People see the young girls on Love Island having sex on screen while and then there's me, old Tanya, me s******g having a colonic!”

As previously reported, the series consist of four - sixteen minute episodes which is available to steam via ITV Hub. According to the ITV Official Press Release, "Tanya’s Extreme Therapies (w/t), a brand new 4 x 16 minute series commissioned exclusively for the ITV Hub, will follow glamorous mother of four Tanya in her last-ditch attempt to find the answer to all her prayers - perfection of the mind, body and soul.

From coffee enemas, cold water therapy and discovering her inner spirit animal, to unconventional massages and unleashing her built up tension on a car in Amsterdam; each episode will see Tanya endure extreme treatments and experience bizarre lifestyles led by contributors who have turned their backs on conventional therapies. But will Tanya be brave enough to follow their advice in the hope of living a happier and healthier life?"

Tanya Bardsley said: “I am so excited for people to see the show. Viewers will get to see me hugging a cow, jumping into freezing cold water and being massaged by snakes - a little something for everyone! I hope everyone enjoys watching it as much as I enjoyed making it,” said Tanya about her spin-off series.

Photo Credit: ITVBe