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Real Housewives Of Auckland Star Louise Wallace Lands Her Own Talk Show!

It's been reported that Louise Wallace has landed her very own talk show. The Real Housewives of Auckland star says her new show will be like Ellen. Wallace will host Opening Night for Face TV where she will interview the latest theater shows from around New Zealand as well as overseas, giving a behind-the-scenes look at production and all the quirks that come with travelling a theater show.

"More and more people are interested in theater," she told The Stuff. "I think the art scene is going through a renaissance, I honestly feel there is a great uptake in the arts and theaters. The number of people I know going to festivals and art shows - it's just fantastic."

She continued: "I've worked with quite a few well-known actors and if there's one thing I've learnt is that actors tell a great story."

Wallace promises audiences that they will see "the real me."

"This is so much more fun," she says.

Her first episode will feature Blair Strang (who she worked with on So You Want to be A Popstar) and Alison Bruce who is about to open in Auckland Theater Company's The Cherry Orchard in June.

Wallace said her show is a completely different subject matter to that of her former RHOAKL co-star Anne Batley Burton, who's first season of Keeping Up With Champagne Lady, airs on the same channel half an hour later.

"Yes I do love my cats, but I'm certainly not an animal activist ort a champagne connoisseur," she said.

Opening Night will air on Tuesday nights at 8pm on Face TV (Sky 83).

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ