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Ramona Singer Calls Out Bethenny Frankel For Not Being ‘Genuinely Happy And Supportive’ Of Past And Current RHONY Cast Members; Says Bethenny Has ‘Two Sets Of Rules: Her Way Or No Way’

Ramona Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Ramona Singer slams Bethenny Frankel for her past and current behavior.

Ramona writes:

"Let me say first that we were all proud of the work Bethenny did in Puerto Rico. We wrote checks and supported her as friends do. All of us get involved in charities and programs that we are passionate about. My mother was a victim of domestic abuse, and I have worked for years with different domestic violence charities .Currently I’m involved with Safe Horizon, a national organization for women and children of abuse. Dorinda volunteers each month at her church and works with the homeless outreach programs. She was recently awarded for all the work she has done to better the community. Carole supports political campaigns (don't get me started on that!) and animal rights organizations. She ran the marathon this year for North Shore Animal Shelter. I gave her a party!!! Luann volunteers with ACE homeless program and the American Red Cross, and Sonja has her passion projects as well.

For years now it seems that whatever Bethenny says on the show is deemed “truth.” You’ve heard her say over and over, “I’ve never told a lie.” Maybe she thinks she really could be President — President George Washington. LOL…It’s just not true. Whether it’s saying I’m just tolerated by the group (not true) or like this week saying Carole doesn’t have a career. (And by the way, we are all relatively in the same business: reality television. But that's a whole different conversation.)

The sad thing is I can’t remember a time when Bethenny was genuinely happy and supportive of any of the women in our group. And I go back 10 years!! She treated Kelly horribly, she was competitive and combative with Heather, dismissive of Kristen, downright nasty to Jules (remember how she trashed her home?). She called Luann a snake and a whore, then Sonja was “dead to her,” for what? Trying to make a buck in the booze business? Last year she berated me for trying to have an awkward conversation about a nude movie she had appeared in, and she still doesn’t miss an opportunity to take digs at me. This year she’s condescending to Tinsley who wrote her a $10,000 check, calls Dorinda a drunk, and she’s on a rampage of insults against Carole who, up until this very episode, has never said a bad word about her and continues to support her businesses and charity.

It’s to the point where we all just tolerate her antics because it’s easier to just take the hit and move on. If Bethenny is consistent at all, it’s that she cannot be confronted on any of her behavior (whether it’s her own anger or emotional issues).

It’s two sets of rules: her way or no way. She can stick up for Sonja, be her mouthpiece (“puppet”) and call out Tinsley, but when Carole tries to defend Tinsley she’s a puppet. This is crazy!! Bethenny needs to look in the mirror.

As for Sonja, we’ve certainly had our blow out fights, but there is an underlying foundation of love and support that always catches us when we drift to far. And what a better way to bond then play dress up in $50,000 chinchilla furs at my friend Steven Dann’s store. (And no we did not buy them!!!!)

Speaking of bonding…this year, aside from donating in my mothers name to Safe Horizons, I thought it would be great to design some jewelry in collab with my friend Amy of Encircle NYC. 100% of the proceeds go to charity. You can check out the pieces here. 

See you next week!!!!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo