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Monique Samuels Says Ashley Darby “Needs To Stop Placing Her Own Issues Onto Other People” And Reflects On The Umbrella Fight With Robyn Dixon!

Monique Samuels is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Monique Samuels reflects on her Umbrella moment with Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby fight!

Do you believe the divorce convo was from a long time ago? 
Monique Samuels: When Karen Huger opened up about the divorce conversation, it sounded as if it was something that happened a long time ago to me. What did you think of new lady Kurn Hugur? 
MS: I thought the entire performance was hilarious and the real Karen was a good sport. After the laughs, all I could think about was how pissed I would have been if they went through my personal things. I thought that was tacky. Karen dealt with it like a champ. Tell us about your feelings about Ashley Darby saying you were drunk and that you had thrown up in the bushes – overall what do you think about her concern about your drinking? 
MS: Ashley’s rendition of the whole "vomiting in the bushes story" was just another part of her marathon of lies. First off, I never had additional wine at the hot tub because someone knocked my glass over and spilled the contents. I corked the entire bottle and proceeded to smoke my cigar and show the ladies how to light it properly. Between the heat of the hot tub and me accidentally inhaling the cigar during my "lesson," it caused me to vomit. Although it was a rookie mistake on my part, any cigar smoker knows what happens if you inhale it. No one actually saw me vomit. I volunteered the information when I asked them to pass me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth. Ashley is determined to make me out to be an alcoholic and I’m beginning to think she’s throwing dirt on me to keep the attention off of her own increase in consumption. I’ve never abused any substances in my life. I don’t handle my problems that way. Ashley needs to stop placing her own issues onto other people. She did it to Robyn Dixon last year and now she’s doing it to me. You had hoped to keep quiet at dinner, tell us about getting into such a big clash with Ashley and getting kicked out – what is it like watching it now? 
MS: I tried my best to remain silent out of respect for Karen’s event and her other guests. I knew I needed to have a one on one conversation with Ashley, but this wasn’t the time to do it. I wish I never responded to Gizelle Bryant’s questions but at the same time I was grateful I did. It wasn’t until that moment I found out Ashley was spreading more lies about me when I smoked the cigar in the hot tub in Nemacolin. Karen had every right to put us out! I would’ve done the same. Looking back at the footage, I wasn’t happy that I allowed the women to get under my skin the way they did. On the other hand, the “adult bullying” needs to stop so I’m happy that I spoke my peace regardless of it being 3 on 1. Walk us through what happened outside and this umbrella moment – what were you thinking when you clashed with Robyn? 
MS: When I had the clash with Robyn, it really came out of nowhere. She kept making smart side remarks and it totally pissed me off. The situation I wanted to address was with Ashley, but I did point out the fact that Robyn and her "Fake concern" also fueled this whole "blame it on the alcohol" movement. I was so upset that I totally lost my cool and it took everything in me not to lose it. Even through my anger, I still had to think like a businesswoman. She’s not worth losing everything I've built.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo