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Jody Claman Ordered To Pay Ex-Husband $50K In Back Child Support!

A B.C. Supreme Court justice has ordered Jody Claman to pay almost $50,000 in back child support. The Real Housewives of Vancouver star's ex-husband Eran Friedlander claimed Claman had failed to make a single voluntary basic monthly child support payment since he was granted sole custody of their now-10-year-old daughter in 2015, according to the Vancouver Sun.

Claman argued that she was broke and in debt claiming she was relying on loans from friends to make ends meet. In a 2017 financial statement, Claman pleaded poverty with a listed annual income of $5,806 but she still lived the high-life with expenses totalling $414,206.88.

Her assets include two West Vancouver properties — a home and business — with a combined value of $5.3 million, business interests that include a family trust, Jody’s Fine Foods Inc., and Glass House Holdings Ltd., and art valued at $120,000.

According to her F8 financial statement cited in the ruling, Claman is spending $2,400 per year on restaurant bills and $2,100 per month on personal clothing, cosmetics, hygiene, life insurance, dry cleaning and entertainment, amounting to a sum of over $25,000 per year on personal expenses. She is also paying $3,600 for an annual membership at Hollyburn Country Club and $2,400 per year for ski lessons for her child, reports the publication.

She listed loans from her friends in the amount of $869,730.70, but Justice Miriam Gropper found that her income was roughly $200,000 annually, based on her financial statements.

“Like every other parent, Ms. Claman must do whatever is necessary to support her child,” Gropper said in her ruling. “She cannot rely on a self-induced reduction of income. Frankly, it is perplexing that on one hand Ms. Claman empathizes how much she loves her daughter and on the other, refuses to support her. While the child is young and likely (unaware) of the position that her mother is taking concerning her support, as she grows older, she will be bewildered by her mother’s position that she cannot or will not provide financial support to her.”

Gropper ordered Claman to pay monthly child support of $1,693 going forward and retroactive child support $49,047, plus a 50 per cent share of extra expenses going back to 2015, according to the Vancouver Sun.

“I am unable to calculate the amount owing by Ms. Claman of these expenses. Mr. Friedlander will provide his calculation of the retroactive amount owing and that sum shall be payable by Ms. Claman to him forthwith,” Gropper said.

As previously reported in 2015, Claman lost a child custody battle with her ex-husband Eran Friedlander. B.C. Supreme Court Justice Miriam Gropper granted Friedlander sole custody of the couple’s now 10-year-old daughter.

Photo Credit: Slice