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Jeff Lewis Claims That Two Of Vicki Gunvalson’s RHOC Co-Stars Told Him That She Is Trying To Get Him Fired From Bravo!

The feud between Jeff Lewis and Vicki Gunvalson continues. Now, the Flipping Out star is accusing the Real Housewives of Orange County star of trying to get him fired from Bravo. Lewis revealed during a recent episode of his Sirius XM radio show, Jeff Lewis Live that two of the OG of the OC's co-stars told him that Vicki had told them that she was going to make sure Bravo fired him.

Jeff would not reveal the identities of the two RHOC ladies. “If you remember last week, I read a text from Vicki Gunvalson. She was very upset with me and since then, I’ve heard from two of her cast members that she is going to get me fired,” said Jeff during the May 25 episode. “So, she apparently is on the rampage for Jeff Lewis, and she’s working towards getting me fired from Bravo.”

“That’s what I heard from two cast members. She’s pulling her weight, so to speak,” said Jeff. He however made it clear it was NOT a fat joke! “I am not fat shaming. I am not fat shaming,” he clarified.

This stems from a tweet that Vicki happened to stumble upon that alleged Jeff had fat-shamed her on his show. Jeff suspects Vicki might have planted that Tweet herself.

“She did not stumble upon this Tweet. This is Corey. This is her good friend of 11 years. After investigating, we’ve actually seen him on the show,” stated Jeff. “This is just allegedly. This is just my guess on what happened. I think she had her friend plant that Tweet. I think she then had blogs and news outlets pick it up.”

“So now I’m wondering, when someone goes to this extent to have their best buddy of 10 or 11 years plant tweets, seems pretty manipulative, seems pretty divisive. We all kind of questioned her for last season for planting this whole theory that Tamra Judge’s husband was gay which we all don’t believe,” explained Jeff.

He continued, “For the last couple of years since this whole Brooks cancer scam came out, I really defended Vicki. I just really thought truly honestly that she didn’t know about it. But now, I’m going to change my answer. I’m going to say I think she knew about it and I think she is a liar. Based on what’s happened to me over the last couple of weeks with her, based on what happened to Tamra and Eddie, I do think she probably knew about it.”

He added: “The other thing too is I would never think I had the power to get anybody fired,” said Jeff. “And, the fact that she thinks she has the power to do that – I think it’s kind of a misplaced sense of importance.”

Jeff is no stranger with feuding with other Bravolebrities. A few years back, Lewis got into an ongoing messy feud with Heather Dubrow.

Transcript courtesy via Reality Blurb

Photo Credit: Bravo