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Jeff Lewis Claims Kelly Dodd Was Fined By Bravo For The Comments She Made About Vicki Gunvalson And For Sharing RHOC Season 13 Details!

Last week we reported that Kelly Dodd appeared on Jeff Lewis’s Sirius XM show, Jeff Lewis Live, where she spilled the tea on her feud with Vicki Gunvalson, which fans of the show will get to see on the upcoming thirteenth season of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

Now, Jeff revealed during the May 11 episode of his show with guest Lea Black and, according to the FLipping Out star, Bravo wasn’t happy that Kelly shared details about the upcoming season of the RHOC. Additionally, they also fined Kelly for apparently badmouthing Vicki as well.

“We want to extend a very sincere apology to Bravo and to Kelly Dodd because apparently last week Kelly Dodd was on our show and upset a few people at Bravo. She was reprimanded and apparently fined,” said Jeff.

“Apparently, the big thing that I think got their attention was Kelly had referred to Vicki last week on our show as a backstabbing b*tch which honestly is kind of accurate. But nevertheless from what I understand, there was a fine imposed,” he revealed. “I don’t know the specifics. But apparently if you call out your fellow [castmate] in a public arena and you say things negatively, you are reprimanded by Bravo and subsequently fined it sounds like.”

“As you know, Tamra Judge was fined. From what I understand, she went after Vicki on social media,” Jeff added.  Referencing when Judge slammed Gunvalson over the rumors she spread about her husband’s sexuality, as it was played out in Season 12.

Jeff suspects Vicki was the one who called Bravo to complain about Kelly’s interview. “I think Vicki turned Tamra in. And I think Vicki turned Kelly in this week. That is my guess,” he stated.

Why does Jeff thinks it was Vicki? He reveals that last August, he did an interview during which he stated he felt Bravo should fire Vicki if she refuses to reconcile with Tamra and Shannon Beador, citing that the show had become toxic with the ladies not getting along.

Jeff reveals that Vicki's lawyer reached out to him demanding a public apology.

“Well, let me tell you how I know she did. Because remember when I made the mistake on this radio show when I said she should be fired and I apologized to her via text,  she had her attorney call me and they demanded a public apology,” Jeff shared.

Now due to his interview with Kelly, Jeff revealed that Bravo has now banned him from having housewives on his show unless their season is currently on the air.

Meanwhile, Kelly went on to thank Lewis for sticking up for her. "Great show today @JLJeffLewis @RadioAndySXM .  Thanks for sticking up for me!! Xxx," she wrote.

"I didn’t give away any story lines !! Vicki had her boyfriend go to @PageSix they gave away the story lines not me and I get punished!," said Kelly after a fan accused her of giving away stroylines for the upcoming season. 

Kelly is referencing to Vicki's boyfriend Steve talking to Page Six about him setting up Michael Dodd, her ex-husband with Vicki's friend, which was the main reason why the two are now beefing. If you recall, Kelly found out on social media and felt betrayed by Gunvalson for not letting her know in advance.

Season 13 looks very promising, I can't wait!!

Transcript courtesy via Reality Blurb. To read full article with more details CLICK HERE!

Photo Credit: Bravo, Getty Images