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James Kennedy Gives An Update On His Current Friendships With Lala Kent And Logan Noh!

James Kennedy is getting candid about his current friendships with Lala Kent and Logan Noh. The Vanderpump Rules star recently appeared in an episode of the Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast, and the SUR DJ spilled all the juicy hot tea.

Kennedy revealed that he use to have a lot of love for Kent, but claims that she has zero interest in being his friend these days. "I think she’s being a little bit fake, honestly, this season. I don’t think it’s the real Lala. I think she’s very calculated, coordinated… thinks three times ahead before making a decision and that’s not the Lala everyone loves and I love. Let’s just say that."

James continued, "The times she’s having f**king hunky dory lunch with Katie [Maloney] down the street from my house. At the time, we were best friends and you don’t even talk to these people. Then boom, the f**king show is airing and I see you’re having lunch right before meeting up at my house and you don’t even tell me that."

Is there hope for James and Lala to restore their friendship? "Hopefully," he shared. "I’m not trying to bag on her. That’s just  the truth and I’m sure that everyone else sees it. Whether she wants to believe it or not, that’s fine. She had her two cents to say about me and Jax’s [Taylor] relationship- like you give a f**k, you know? Let’s talk about you licking Stassi’s ass hole at the bar having a fu**ing glass of wine. ‘You know I’ve always really liked you,’ and then flash back ‘You lying whore.’ Are you kidding me right now? Her? I’m confused."

DJ James Kennedy also got candid about his friendship with Logan Noh. If you recall, we first met Logan at the beginning of the season. James girlfriend Raquel Leviss made it clear that she was sometimes uncomfortable with James and Logan's close relationship. However, s--t hit the fan when Logan told Brittany Cartwright's sister that he was sleeping with James, which Logan later admitted to James that he made it up.

Back in March, Kennedy revealed that the rumors were "hurtful" and that "reliving it [as the episodes air] has been hard." When asked about his current relationship with Logan, James revealed, "We're not talking, really. Not at all" he told In Touch Weekly. "I'm very dedicated to my girlfriend and I'm trying to just cut as much drama out of my life as possible."

And that's not all — James even believed his former friend made up the story to obtain more screen time. "People have done it before and people will do it after. It's just horrible that it happened, that he had to say these things about me and having to relive it," he shared. "I just don't find that very respectful at all."

Transcript courtesy via Reality TeaListen to James full interview on Everything Iconic With Danny Pellegrino podcast below!

Photo Credit: Bravo, Instagram