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Jackie Gillies Reflects On Her Time On ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ And Talks About Her ‘Shine It Up’ Tour And Her Psychic Career!

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Jackie Gillies is opening up about her psychic career as well as her time on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! and reveals what fans can expect about her successful Shine It Up tour.

Gillies' Shine It Up tour is all about self-empowerment, motivation and inspiration. Gillies brings people together to share stories, gain clarity and restore their inner sparkle so they can, in her words, “shine”. The show is described officially as “Tony Robbins meets Ellen, meets John Edward, meets Oprah,” according to Newcastle Herald.

Gillies then talks about her time on "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of There! If you recall, Jackie had to eat several disgusting dishes on the show to earn “points” such as a pink eye, and a rhinoceros anus, to name a few, including bugs, spiders, eyeballs, animal genitalia.

“It’s all in the mind,” Gillies told the publication. “I had to think about anything else rather than what was going in my mouth because it was so disgusting. My hands were always clean in the jungle, I was forever using the antibacterial hand stuff, but I still got pink eye and knowing how makes it so much worse.”

Gillies courted controversy in the jungle by wanting to “channel” Princess Diana through her former butler Paul Burrell, a contestant on the show. She also aggravated fans of boxer Danny Green by accusing him of bullying her.

“It was hard, you know? I don’t like speaking negatively about anybody but sometimes you’ve got to give it back because if you don’t, you’ll be stood over,” she says.

“And look, there were a couple of issues with a couple of people in there. It wasn’t until I got out of the jungle that I realised what people had been saying and I was like ‘What the hell? Are you serious?’ I’m a person who is very straight forward and if you’ve got a problem with me let’s just clear it up now rather than finding out about it only when some scenes are played back to you.”

“In the end you’ve just got to bless those people with love and light and off they shine. That’s how shit goes down in my world.”

Gillies explains how she got inspired to create her Shine It Up tour. “It’s almost like I have to show people what their purpose is. I show people how to find their self worth and that means starting to love you first, getting to know what makes you happy,” Gillies told Newcastle Herald.

“I show people how to listen to their intuition and not be afraid of it. I also tell people you can’t let other people’s insecurities hold you back. I went through that. I was losing myself and realizing that really forged who I am today.”

Gillies reveals she was 24 when she started doing psychic medium readings and admits it irritates her that some people think she became a psychic after appearing on television.

“I was already known as a professional psychic medium and I had a name and I had a three-year waiting list before I started Housewives. I never once marketed myself. It was solely word of mouth. That’s one of the reasons I was asked to do the show – the executive producer had heard of this Jackie Gillies from Newcastle and how her friends had come up from Melbourne for psychic readings.”

Gillies says she “speaks her truth” at each show to empower others. She talks about the importance of changing your mindset, using as an example the unhappiness she felt working as a corporate banker in Sydney.

“I worried what people were going to think of me if I came out as a professional psychic. It went against everything that I was doing, the people I hung around with,” she told Newcastle Herald. “But I did it and following my intuition, listening to my angels, has got me to where I am.”

She added: “It’s all in the mindset and knowing your self worth. It’s finding your passion and following it. If you are always negative about yourself you start creating negative experiences around you.”

Photo Credit: Bravo NZ