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Gizelle Bryant Weighs In On Karen Huger Confronting Ashley Darby Over Mr. Blue Eyes Rumors; Says Their Arguments ‘NEVER Gets Old’

Gizelle Bryant is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. Gizelle Bryant reacts to Charrisse Jackson Jordan's bombshell that Ray had asked Karen for a divorce and shares her thoughts on Karen's argument with Ashley Darby over Mr. Blue Eyes rumors. How did you walk away from that clash at lunch – could you move on with Candiace? 
Gizelle Bryant: Loved seeing Candiace apologize to Charrisse. It's very weird when someone comes around a group of women trying to build friendships but calls names instead. That never works!

I've never had issue with Candiace and again have told everyone that I like the girl. It's interesting to now see why she was always on edge with me — she was and has been fed nonsense by the peanut gallery. Oh well... Have you apologized to Ray? Did you know he was hurting?
GB: I actually saw Ray just recently at Karen's birthday party, and we did chat about his feelings. I never knew that he cared enough to be offended. I have apologized to Ray and told him that I’m more than happy to come up with a new name. Stay tuned! Why did you tell Karen about the fact that Ashley was spreading tales about her and Mr. Blue Eyes? Did you expect Karen to bring it up that night? 
GB: Ashley having firsthand knowledge about Mr. Blue Eyes had never been discussed. It was this huge elephant in the room, and I was tired of seeing its trunk swinging. Karen never passes up an opportunity to confront anything or anybody, so I knew it was coming. Now, I wasn't expecting it to go soooooo left soooooo fast. But I mean, who are we kidding? We’re talking about Karen and Ashley. Their arguing NEVER gets old; those claws come out so fast and furious, power rangers activate! You say in interview that you don’t believe Monique was just so busy and tired – what do you think of the situation? 
GB: Listen, it really doesn't matter if Monique was sleepy, tipsy, or horny. It really doesn't matter whether she drank one drop or two drinks either — that is all it takes to make you sleepy and drive off the road. The seriousness of that is overwhelming. She could have permanently injured herself or another person.

Instead of arguing over the number of drinks consumed, there just should have been GRATITUDE about walking away scot-free. Tomorrow is not promised, and that’s why there’s something called Uber. What were you thinking when Charrisse said that Ray had asked Karen for a divorce? 
GB: I got very nervous for Karen because I don't want to see her and Ray in divorce court. I mean, I believe no other man on earth could deal with Karen's level of crazy. However, it would make sense financially so that Karen wouldn’t be implicated in any tax shenanigans.

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo