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Danielle Staub Says Her Friendship With Teresa Giudice Is ‘Stronger Than Ever’ And ‘Pities The Fool’ Who Tries To Come Between Them!

Danielle Staub is opening up about her friendship with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Teresa Giudice. Staub explained that viewers and housewives alike shouldn't be so shock about her friendship with Teresa as like all good friendships, "the cream always rises to the top."

Danielle admits that she and Giudice have salvaged their relationship for the better. "We speak more than once a day," she told The Daily Mail. "We're legitimately friends, it was something that was worth salvaging and has turned into the relationship it should have always been."

Staub reveals that factors from outside their friendship caused their drift and feud. However,Danielle admits that she isn't letting anything get in the way of her friendship with Giudice but welcomes the challenge.

"When people got in the way of it, we're not letting people get in the way of it no more. 100% It's a lot stronger," she explained.

"I pity the fool who tries to come in and tear us down. We would welcome that challenge. I don't think anyone wants to see me and Teresa take opposite sides."

She continued: "I think the world wants to see Teresa and I standing side by side, showing people what a real friendship looks like because we've been through the f***ing storm and back."

Danielle explains how she and Teresa reconnected their friendship. "We started to reconnect and then her mother got sick,' she shared. 'I genuinely was reaching out multiple times a day sending nothing but love, light and friendship, a shoulder, prayers," she told the publication.

"You have to really be there if you care for your friends. You know who your friends are in those times and I don't drop that ball ever, it's too important to me. Even had a social relationship with somebody I would still monitor myself but I would reach out to them."

Staub added that Teresa and her family are very important to her and nothing will tear them apart this time.

"With Teresa, we are all heart and we fought so hard in the past because we didn't know what we were fighting about," she told The Daily Mail.

"Was is it really because of each other, or was it because of other people? We realised now that nobody can take that away from us. She's really important to me and to the rest of my journey. I genuinely love her and care for her family."

Photo Credit: Bravo