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Tinsley Mortimer: “Unlike You, Sonja, I Did Not Take One Cent From My Former Husband. NOT ONE CENT”

Tinsley Mortimer is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Tinsley Mortimer explains why she has had it with Sonja Morgan's accusations.

Tinsley writes:

"In response to your blog last week, Countess, please don’t try to imply that I’m the one who is pretentious or criticize the whole city of Richmond because I was a debutante. At least I don’t use embarrassing sobriquets to embellish myself. The only reason I mentioned being a debutante was because of Sonja’s accusation when speaking to Dorinda that I “didn’t have a pot to pxxx in.”

This entire Sonja topic is getting really difficult, because I’m sensing that there’s a lot more to this than she’s willing to say. As you could see in last night’s episode, I’m really starting to lose my temper. Why is she always after me? What reason would she have other than to attempt to take me down or degrade me somehow? And what’s all of this talk about trust funds and Mommy paying or Scott supporting me — whose business is this anyway? I assume the implication is that I don’t have the sense to take care of myself, so someone else has to do it. Funny how someone so impaired can still get herself into Lawrenceville and Columbia.

Unlike you, Sonja, I did not take one cent from my former husband. NOT ONE CENT, so your accusation that I’m looking for a husband to support me is truly infuriating. I did NOT, Sonja, live with my boyfriend when I moved to Palm Beach as you said, nor did I live with my mother. I had my own apartment, which I paid for. Another thing: I got my apartment at the hotel before I even met Scott. So enough of your suggestions that I’m a vapid, shallow courtesan or a kept woman. It’s damn insulting, so stop it. And Lady Morgan, I guess you didn’t learn this in all your travels to Gstaad, the South of France, or Phuket, but all this talk about money is very déclassé. So stop.

Having said this, I do care about you and worry that something really is wrong. You were more than kind to invite me to stay with you while I got myself situated, and I haven’t forgotten that. You’ve raised an absolutely beautiful and very smart daughter (no small feat), so be proud of yourself and stop trying to tear others down. My grandmother always said, “What Susie says about Sally says more about Susie than it does about Sally.”"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo