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Tinsley Mortimer Opens Up About Freezing Her Eggs And Teases About Her Relationship Status With On-Again, Off Again Boyfriend Scott Kluth!

Tinsley Mortimer recently opened up about her on-again, off-again relationship with boyfriend Scott Kluth. “Scott and I are very close,” the Real Housewives of New York City star told PEOPLE Now. “I still work his company, CouponCabin — I’m an account manager for them. But you know, you’re just going to have to wait and see! Sometimes the heart gets what it wants, and sometimes it doesn’t.”

Mortimer and Kluth split last fall. Their relationship will play out on this season of the Bravo hit reality show, and according to Mortimer, taking a break can sometimes be a “good thing.”

“It puts thing in perspective and you start to miss people,” she said. “It’s tough, but you know, he lives in Chicago, I live in New York, and relationships are hard when you have the long distance, even though it’s only about two and a half hours away. At least Chicago is not that far away, it’s not like I have to fly all the way to Europe — so we’ll see.”

Mortimer also opened up about her decision to freeze her eggs — and whether she and Kluth have talked about starting a family together.

“Scott and I are very close, and we have talked about things like that and we’ll see,” she said. “But you know, I am so grateful [for my mom]. She was like: ‘Before you turn 40 … just get them out as young as you can possibly be.’ ”

“She was just very adamant about me doing it, and I did it, and I’m so grateful I did it,” she told PEOPLE Now. “It was no big deal! Really, it wasn’t. It was totally worth it, and now they’re just on ice.”

Photo Credit: Bravo